Tale as old as time

| Crushing hard on one of my best friends. Confessed and got rejected
Feel like we hit it off and after maybe she was trying to see if it'd work out at first. We'd say love you to each other. She'd text me that before bed and I'd respond but that's since stopped.
Then she got a bf, at first it hurt but I got over it and we still talk almost every day. I thought I was completely over it too, but now the feelings are resurfacing and it sucks

| I'm not so delusional to think I have a chance or anything. She has made no sign of being romantically interested. It's just a frustrating feeling that I hope'll pass again soon

| Why do this happens so often? It happened to me exactly in the way that you're telling us hehe
I feel you g/u/rl

Pd: in my case, we continued to be friends for a few years after my confession and still shared good memories as friends, now we have distanced but like normal friends do when they part different ways :p

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