can anybody help me find the shark sipping a cup of pepsi?

| it's a shark on a rocky shore, he's like struggling to sip on a straw that's on a pepsi cup

| No luck, sorry. But it sounds like this shark is having a good time.

| I want to be friends with said shark

| https://www.deviantart.com/heidisketches/art/A-hammerhead-shark-drinking-soda-409459947

| >>787791 nice shark, I hope it's the one

| >>787791 OP here. this is not it, but this looks nice. thanks. the one I'm looking for is a real photo of a shark on a rocky shore, the pepsi may or may not be photoshopped but still it seems the shark wants a sip. still have no luck finding it myself but once I do, I will show it to you all.

| shark sipp, is what I can vaguely remember it was called

| Is this relevant to your interests? https://qu.ax/3rn.png

| >>788104 YOOOOOOOOO

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