Splitting relationships

| Okay, well. There is 3 g/u/rls i have very close relationships with. You know, including intimate stuff. Two of them i can have a romantic relationship with. The problem is, i can't decide with who, and even if i do pick, then there is still a chance it will not work out. Plus, because of our intimate relationships right now, if i do pick one of the g/u/rls, then i will inevitably hurt other g/u/rls's feelings. How do you find a solution to that?

| A coin flip, lmao.
Look, I'm not going to judge because I'm leading two people on right now, but I've set my sights on one as a primary and the second one as a backup from the get go.
If you got to this stage, your planning is real awful and you deserve the consequences. <3

| It's better to stay as friends with benefits and leave it that way imo

| Touch grass.

| >>787538 kusa wwww

| If you're the kind of person to have "backup plans" you deserve to be alone. Time to think a bit about your morals, or to withdraw from society.

| Take all 3.

| >>787572 Experience has shown that those who deserve to be alone are the one *with* morals. People didn't want to be with me until I started treating them as more of a numbers game than anything serious.

| >>787576
True. Only the weak and naive think like this >>787572

| >>787578
Perhaps not necessarily weak, but definitely naive. And that is sad.

| mfs rlly do be out here making sweeping generalizations based on two to five sentences of interaction with each other

| tho

| >>787576 Don't mistake "deserve" for "manage".
All this shows is your inability to be desired, your imaginary morals weren't the cause.
Because yes, morals are not something you can put aside whenever you want, if you can then they weren't morals.

| >>787607 The concept of inalienable values is so foreign to anything taught by any branch of epistemology that I'm going to refuse to engage with you further.
I hope whatever branch of moralfaggotry you subscribe to brings you happiness.

| My homies really be fighting over my boy Aristotles

| >>787609 And if you consider morals to be something you can put aside when it gives you a bigger benefit, I surelu hope that when you'll need help, you will find people with a different idea of morals than you.

| To hell with morals, embrace STDs.

| >>7bc08d
Interesting. What brings you happiness? What do you live for if you reject morals and people as people and not profit makers? Is love just chemical reactions to you and you leave person after chemicals are gone? Or do you keep them around for social benifits/ cheat on them? What do you think of categorical imperative? What's the point of life for you? Do you like hurting other people? Are you a nihilist?

| >>787738 Imagine parroting literal AIDS pandemic era propaganda in the Year of Our Lord 2021. Kyrie eleison.

| Become polyamorous

| >>787743
>You don't view the world through the lens I do, thus you must never behave in a way that that lens would describe as good. Curious! I am very intelligent.

| >>787859
No, I'm asking because I don't understand this point of view so I'm interested. I've met people like this but never been close enough to them to ask these questions. If I think from such point of view I don't see a reason (apart from sociopathic blending) to behave in a ways I see adequate/good in my point of view. That's why I am asking these questions.

| >>df0580
Power; inertia and pursuit of happiness (see last answer); I keep them around until inconvenient and move on; Kant is wrong on first principles due to his anthropocentrism; it's there to be enjoyed; it used to be fun but I grew tired of it; I'm just picky with what is a valid result of cognition and what is a result of magical thinking.
>I've met people like this
I enjoy having already been categorized.

| >>787859
If you only communicate trough meme-texted non sequiturs, argumentum ad hominem and strawman fallacies then you should't be making fun of other people's intelligence, just saying.

Why do you talk like that?

| This thread's descent to madness is so fascinating

| >>48356f Indeed!

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