I sent a g/u/rl my phone number and now I'm being bullied

| We were hitting it off well and when I gave her my phone number I started receiving phone calls from Serbia at late hours of night.

I tried answering them in hopes of telling them to stop but whenever I do they just blast some kind of weird disco music through the phone.

I didn't do anything to you, please stop this ;_;

>t. g/u/rl who posts awoos

| Block the number

| >>787324 It's a different one each time, I would of done so already otherwise

| >>787333
Ah. That's fucking annoying, ay? If it persists, guess it's time to change numbers.

| How did you talk with said girl? Mail?

| https://youtu.be/hZQm-RT450c?t=103

| Op gets baited

| >gave your phone number to anonymous retard
You deserve this.

| Change your own phone number

| That's hilarious

| stg if this is the same g/u/rl from the rubber chicken thread

| I think there are websites/places you can input someone's number and they just spam the hell out of it. So I am sure that is what happened.

| Lmao this made my day

| I remember the 2000s where the golden rule was never give your personal information out over the Internet.

| >>787749
I remember it too. Same as my pin number

| Поздрав из Србије!

| I have a pixel, they have built in call screening so if they don't respond it won't ring

| Maybe worth looking into something that does similar

| Who even shares numbers to anonymous people. You deserve it for being dumb. Sorry.

| This is an epic trolling.

| This made my evening, thank you.

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