The discord server sucks!!

| There's people there who think that 14 year olds giving BJs is fine

| That's not really the worst of it to be honest.

| >>786408 yeah you're right

| 'The' Discord server as in the dangeru Discord?

| >>786410 yes that one

| To be fair I thought the same thing when I was 14

| Wait, is it not fine? Kek

| There's a discord server?

| Yeah but the offical one for suckban games is worse

| Even the site can have some really questionable posts at times, the anonymity the internet provides makes people say weird shit, even when there's a username attached to it.

| I love sex.

| >>786414 lmao the people there are adults but act like edgy teens

| >>786434 how so?

| Link invite

| >>786445 me too bro

| >>786459
That's sad af

| >>786567 me too bro

| >>786606
Sorry to hear that. It’s so good to see you here though.

| >>786609 thanks, it's good to see you here too

| >>786468
Big egos and attention seekers. But don't just take my word for it, go on a tour and find out yourself.

| It's alright. Basically only ever share food on there, or cocktails. Maybe it's worse when you spend a bunch of time there?

| Discord is full of paedophiles. So yes, it's full of red flags. Stick to private servers to avoid the toxicity.

| On average worse posts here but having them tied to a profile picture and username makes it 3x as bad.

| >>786687 agreed, to me that suggests that they're more than fine with publicly presenting themselves as being into underage shenanigans, implying that they don't see the problem with it

| >>786676 private servers always fall apart due to drama

| >>786709 Maybe. I have a private server with my friends and we have no drama tbh It's been years since we've been in that server as well. It's just a handful of us.

| >>786715 lucky, every private server I've been in has died due to toxicity

| >>786772
Well like-minded people tend to flock together so...

| Le circlejerk

| hey discordfags, cry harder lmao

| lmao

| boardtards coping with the fact theyre twice as autistic as discordfags


| sorry bro but im probably more man than youll ever be and more woman than youll ever get

| >>6cd71c
sussy baka

| You guys are funny, not even saying that in a condescending or mean way. Put a genuine smile on my face.

| https://youtu.be/Tg6MJJFLx_k

| >>786823
I will never be sus.

| >>786826
are you sure

| >>786827
No :(

| I also suck. PM g/u/rls!

| Any public server now a days are flooded with mentally ill retard kids :)

| >>786778 oi you tryin to start something, bruv?

| Wish there is some kind of filter or branching.
now it's just a branch of weebs moaning to each other instead of having actual conversations.
and as soon as there are few conversations, they will be washed with Russia memes in brinks second.

| The server is pretty alright

| >>786406 14 year old girls are only allowed to do BJ if they doing on me

| Every public discord server is a copy and paste of every other discord server with the exact same people

| ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀

| Among us cock, the return.
Cant believe among us cock 3 is a thing now.

| mogus pebis??

| >>787102 disgusting nonce.

| >>786406 why's that bad?

| >>3ccb40 this guy wins

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