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Femboy AMA!!

| Sup, as a femboy who posts pics i thought it'd be fun making an ama and answer stuff some of you guys might be interested in!!
Everything goes too ;3

| Oh yeah i post the pics rather irregularly on reddit https://www.reddit.com/u/Roro_VEVO

| What's your favourite 15th century West African kingdom?

| How did you evolve to your final form as femboi?

| >>785033 how to lift my booty? Help OP.

| Can we cuddle for a bit please? I really need it. No weird stuff. Just wholesome.

| What is your favorite goldsrc blood splatter texture?

| >>785054 *sending virtual hug*

| Have you ever considered making an ama thread and just never answering anything in it?

| big brain

| >>785035 the marinid ones
>>785045 through working out and just luck honestly lol
>>785047 you could look up routines in Google (healthline's is pretty good) and use shapewear that helps a bunch, but gotta be careful with it
>>785054 cuddles are life my dude, so hell yea
>>785063 srry had a busier day than i wanted but I'm finally able to chill

| Srry again for taking so long life has no breaks smh

| Opinions on tomboys?

| >>785091 they're hot as fuck dude, don't let anyone tell you that muscular women aren't hot, however, some guys don't want a tomboy gf that's aggressive and drinks beer, some want a boyfriend

| Faggot

| Heyo g/u/rl! Fellow femboy here.

Let's join forces! You take care of Reddit, and I'll take care of Twitter. Together, we will rule horny jail! ( ´ ꒳` )

| I for one, welcome the rise of our femboy overlords.

| I have a question for thou femboys of the lake! What is your sexuality? Do consider yourselves as gays? Do you still like women? Do you like both?
Thanks you for your time in advance hehe

| Femboys are pretty great! If I knew any, I'd love to go fishing with them.

| >>785099 Hey as a muscular tomboy I thank you! Keep doing what you're doing!! Femboys are adorable and I totally respect them <3

| >>785118 I'm actually bisexual, which is just a fancy way of saying that i don't really care about what gender my partner is so long as i like them
That said, some guy's nuts and girls tits make me act up goddamn

| >>785106 damn nice pics you got there ;3
>>785119 how could I not know the classic femboy fishing
>>785120 we do not have enough buff gurls in our lives keep it up!!!

| Damn, now I want a Tomboy Republic and a Femboy Nation!

| We must build both, let the femboys sit on your lap and ride your fat cocks, as well as taking your whole loads, and have the tomboys top you

| >>785126 Thank you so much!!!! T_T

>>785131 I'm sooooo down to top people ngl, a fantasy of mine as always been like working out while doing lewd things at the same time that'd be rad <3

| >>785118 not OP, but it sounds like the question is phrased for multiple people, so I'm jumping in anyways. ( ´ ꒳` ) I'm mostly straight tbh. G-g-g/u/rls p-p-pretty... That said, boys are cute too, and in the right situation, there would probably be action there too. ( ^.^)

| >>785149 Thanks for your answer!
I have another question for everyone too!

Would you like to see a rise in the world population of Femboys? Maybe even political/public figures that consider themselves femboys publicly?

| >>785175
Hell yeah!!! We need politicians who don't care about gender norms, and if I could see random femboys outside on a daily basis my heart would melt from happiness and wholesomeness~ <3

| how do i calculate the variation rate of water filling a cubic container this is not a joke i'm in the middle of a physics test rn

| Would you allow your ass to be deflorated by a long bbc?

| >>785208 might be a bit rough, but after using a buttplug for a while there shouldn't be any problems, don't really have any experience with someone else though

| >>785200 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=FqgblWkb87s

| What's your favourite pancake topping?
How did you become so cute? uwu

| >>785219 whipped cream is the way to go!!
Also I'm not cute just fit hehe

| >>785033 your body looks damn good. how old are you?

| >>785286 I'm 19! And glad you like it boyo

| At what point in your life did you decide you wanted to be a professional attentionwhore on the internet?

| This is how op makes me feel: https://youtu.be/uw1K9bYDEdw

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