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I've finally learned to enjoy my own company

| After years of being by myself and having bad thoughts about my existence overall, I found a way:

I get a cold beer, I put on some music from a guy called Ed Harrison and I read Chainsaw Man.

It sometimes really is all about the little things in life... life good when it stops kicking you in the nuts.

I know nobody cares about it, that's the point.

Take joy in what you have right now.


PD: I'm sorry for yelling. But for some reason I've not encountered many g/u/rls here on danger/u/ that share my ideals

| Congratulations, I don't care.

| >>784931
If you did not care, you would not have typed this.

| I'm too busy worrying that I'll lose what I have to enjoy what I have right now.
That I don't know what I actually have and what I just think I have doesn't help at all!
But some wine is a good idea - I'm not a beer g/u/rl.

| I wish i could too

| I do something similar. Different beverage, music and reading material (sometimes not even reading at all), but the same idea. And I tend to enjoy it all in the moment, I really do. But afterwards it always feels rather hollow, uderwhelming even, and ultimately pointless. Like I'm just kinda cruising through life without any goal or ambition. Kinda sucks.

| >>784944
With that mindset you'll never enjoy anything. You have what you have. There's no "think I have", you feel? If you have it you have it. If you lose it you lose it. But worrying about the chance that you might potentially lose something instead of enjoying it, if you do that then you're just gonna feel like whatever you have doesn't mean anything, despite how much personal value it has to you.

| Oh, and, I've partially managed to enjoy my own company. It's weird though, because my main source of happiness is my friends. My loved ones. So I wouldn't be able to handle complete and total loneliness.
But, spending decent chunks of my day by myself just enjoying the little things when I have to, I manage to do that. Wouldn't feel very good if I was all freaked out and depressed when someone needed me, so, if I stay relatively okay enjoying small stuff I can help more hopefully.

| >>784974 Thank you, your words are wise and I'll try to remember them. It's really hard to change long-set patterns of behaviour, though - just earlier today I was about to say that I already lost something important.

| >>784975 Remember this, no matter who you are with, be it a wife or a friend, you are always alone.
People come and go and I've learned it the hard way. I know it's cliched but it ends up being true, that's why I've learned to be at peace by myself. It's not necessarily a sad realization, more like a life lesson that lets you do whatever you want with your life because the reality is nobody really cares.
tldr don't rely on friends as a main source of happiness.

| >>784948 No rush in finding a goal, everything will come. Now of course don't just let the tide carry you but don't stress over it. Took me over three years to realize what I wanted to do in life. Might take more or less time for others.

| >>784976
I understand that it can be hard, but you're going to be way better off after changing it. When you're in that mindset you end up letting go off things that there might not even be any reason to let go of, and not enjoying the things you love.
So, try your best to appreciate the things you love so much instead of just making "what if" scenarios of losing them. I promise you it's worth it.

| >>784992
Not everything that might have been the case in your life is the case in other people's. Sure, I've had people who come and go. I also have people who have stayed for as longs as I can remember and care about me as much as I care about them. Things can happen, but calling something a guarantee or a constant in life because it's happened many times before becomes like a self-fulfilling prophecy.
So, I understand your intent, bit it's not advice that applies to everyone.

| >>784997 I get that... Just been betrayed so many times that its something Ive had to adopt, for better or worse. Helps me focus.

| What a friendly thread.
On the topic of friends, I suffer from the same issue as both >>330218 and>>6f759d I'm afraid. Though I suppose the former causes the latter: I cling too much and people run for the hills as a result.
I've never had a friend for longer than two years, wah wah. Really envy the people who can enter serious relationships.

| >>785013 probably not your fault, most people are out for themselves nowadays and don't really care for deep interpersonal relationships.

That can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your outlook.
Bad thing because nobody cares what you are or what you do, and good thing because nobody cares what you are or what you do. Thats my edgy take on it.

| >>785066
You really do be out here with the edgy takes, huh? I respect it though.

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