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So nowadays people get mad because your place uses the same emotes as their

| "Buy nitro"
I really wonder why are they like this. Apparently they paid $20 for an art that the emoji uses, and the emoji is 128x128, so what's the problem? I am apparently. Why are they so sensitive nowadays?

| What

| Please use language that people can actually speak.

| Tldr you stole commissioned art from a discord server and reuploaded it on your own server

| >>784950 what can't you understand from OP's post?

| >>785062 I'm not the gurl you are asking that, but I can't understand what the OP just said.
And I know what Discord is, and used it a little

| >>785069 basically a discord server commissioned art for some emotes, OP downloaded said emotes and reuploaded em to their own server, and now the one that commissioned the emotes is angry that someone stole the emotes they paid for

| >>785112 ok now I understand, maybe the artist just wants to be paid for their work.
So I don't know why OP thinks the artist is being irrational?

| Also 5 bucks let's u use emotes

| Dont need to drop a 20

| >>785138 >paying for picture you can copy n paste
do zoomers really?

| nfts

| This is my result of post analysis:
1. OP is complaining about people what are saying others to buy Nitro on Discord
2. He is saying something about 20$, 128x128 emojis... sadly i can't say if it's still related about Discord or NTF

| the nft thing is about people paying for pictures you can copy not the discord, don't think about it ^-^

| discord was a mistake

| >>785249 the 20$ emoji is related to discord, some servers commission artists to draw specific emotes related to the server (maybe the owner has an OC or the server is a mascot). One of the reasons why that also done is cuz it attracts members if you have very cool or cute emotes. While discord can't really stop you from stealing them, reuploading these emotes on your own server is considered an asshole move. Kinda like reuploading other streamers' twitch emotes on your own channel

| >>785328 it's stupid thinking. I personally copy emojis I really like and want others to enjoy them too. I just have a credit section where I out the sources for them.

| >>785330 i think that depends, if you ask for permissions to use emotes that were commissioned for a specific server and they allow you to, then it's no harm. But if you just take em without askin then it's kinda assholish imo, especially if the people who invested the money on the server don't get anything back for it.

| >>785383 pay royalties?

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