Let me tell you a story

| There was, oh crap. I gotta go, keep this thread open until I get back please

| op hurry my icecream is melting . _.

| 'bout a mouse named Dilory?

| >>784642 nice song. I miss those simpler times.

| op went to get milk

| Wanna geg my milk ?

| Mmhhm milk

| >>784643 the song is utter shit-tier trash but it is my guilty pleasure, along with some other aron chupa's tracks

| >>784980 indeed, that was something I wanted to say as well

| tell me the duck story

| *cums leaving a permanent stain*

| *lick*

| *wonders about existence and horniness*

| so anyone wanna play tic-tac-toe or sth

| My life got flipped-turned upside down

| And I'd like to take a minute, just sit right there

| I'll tell you how I became the prince of a town called Bel Air

| Don't mind me. Here to just interrupt the flow.

| In West Philadelphia born and raised



| Captivating.


| Here's a quick story before OP gets back
Once upon a time, the end.

| Sex!

| >>786335 That was a quite touching story, thanks you truly for sharing it.

| Anyways,
What the OP doin?

| >>786426 dead. I killed her

| >>786476 RIP OP

| >>786476 F

| >>786476 Come one, why'd you do that, girl

| Come on*. My brain is malfunctioning

| >>786566
I come on your brain
Oh, I shoot (like champagne)
At this moment come means everything~
Your brain is a mess
My thoughts I confess
Verge on dirty
Oh, I come on your brain~

| >>786571 tags: -Mindfuck -Mindbreak

| >>786565 >>786566 for not finishing the story.

| Watch this thread meet the post cap

| >>786335 You should win a Pulitzer prixe for this masterpiece.

| Prize* my fat thumbs can't type

| I am still waiting for the story

| >>786776 same

| Still waiting

| I pooped

| I will keep this thread going until I get a story

| OP still owes us a story.

| I get the feeling if OP doesn't come back soon, a bunch of g/u/rls will show up at their doorstep like angry loan sharks

| *cums a lot*

| Heartfelt story OP. Had me in tears

| Bump

| This better be a really good story

| Op how could you do this to me I need my bedtime story I have been awake for an entire week for this

| >>787970
Three little words.
Get fucked nerd

| >>787972 ur mom

| Tell us

| >>786402 I love it.

| OP-senpai wouldn't possibly have left us here to wait forever right? right??

| Op has left us. How rude...

| No... I must find OP and alter the timeline to make them write the story we need.

| OP is alive.
The story thread endures.
There is much still to be done.

| Wait... What if... We are the story?!

| Today's poop
Soft, but hard amount.

| >>788317 nice

| Today's cum
3 times 1 swallowed

| >>788426 nice

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