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I start college tomorrow

| Well, g/u/rls I guess I did it... Last time I made a post in /u/ I thought I wouldn't be able to make it but, I got into art college, my parents are supportive of this and well, tomorrow I start with my college activities...
I'm not like anxious about tomorrow or regretting my decision, it's just that I t feels unreal, I seriously thought for a LOOOOOONG time that I wouldn't even make it past high school without Kms...

| But I somehow managed to not only go through all high school but also find somet I'm passionate about and love to study in college and also get in to what could be called the best university in my whole country... It just really feels undeserved and anticlimactic, it may just be my depression talking but yeah... Just wanted to tell y'all about how I can't believe I'm taking this massive step in my life tomorrow

| Well that sounds pretty rad

| It is your depression talking. I can tell.

| >It just really feels undeserved and anticlimactic
Yup, that's depression talking.
You've earned that position and you should be proud of yourself, OP. I know that I'm proud of you, for one.
>t. depression pro

| >Alternate history: Hitler's good route

| Why does your college start working before the end of summer?

| >>784136 ayeeeee hitler my art homie

| >>784173 To be fair, perspective IS a bitch. Hitler did his best.

| >>784154 that's just how the school year works over here, I've always started school before the end of summer

| I love sex

| >>784174
>Hitler did his best
a quote to live by.

| >>784180

| >>784223 mexican

| In real life there is no climax, your expectations are wrong. I hope you really like it because you're going to have to find a way to make money with art.
Yeah, pour yourself on whatever you do and don't wait until college is over to start looking for a real job opportunity in whatever you're studying.

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This thread is permanently archived