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| Im fuckin sick and tired of this shit.
Years ago i had a stable job, nice money, and i told my parents that i would find my own place to live. My mim cried and begged to me to stay, so i was moved by her words and agreed to stay.
Now im having some problems, i lost my job and im kinda broke.
My dad broke with her and my mom now constantly accuses me of stealing her money. She says that im useless and she will throw me in the streets so i can become a Man.
I regret everything

| When i was a teenager i used to sell drugs, i got a lotta money and i even got a car. I thinking in going back to dealing. I cant find a stable job.

| You can't start your drug dealing career from the outset of "fuck this shit", buddy. Plan it out and do it properly, you're not a kid anymore.
I'm not exactly going to preach to someone who's done it before, but you better be aware of where to get supplied and who you're going to sell to. Shit changes over the years, don't it?
Good luck.

| I am going to dox you and tell the cops.

| Good for you. I hope you become homeless.

| >>784011 >>784014 Rude.

| Are you saying that capitalism has failed?!?!!?!11!!11! How surprising!!

Jokes aside, I hope your situation gets better soon g/u/rl, remember me when you become a rich mafia boss

| >>783969 thanks for the advice

>>784014 i bet you do

| >>784045 i just gonna do this until i get the money to invest in making fake money. I already got the knowledge on how to do it, just need the equipment. And the risk of getting caught is way less

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This thread is permanently archived