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Am i trippin' ?

| The main logo of danger/u/ was my wallpaper on my phone bc i really liked the baner (the red one that said "danger/u/ dangerous opinions") but today i noticed that the letter spacing is kinda odd. I think theres 2 bigger gaps in "dangerous" that divides the word to 3 segments: dang-ero-us. Idk if im trippin or if it was a easteregg but what i know for sure is that i cant unsee this :|

| it's just like that, there's no reason

| Dangerously Erotic Users.
/u/ and /d/ are joined at the hip, don't you know.

| Dang ero us

| It's like that because that's how the original art had it like.


| trippy redd

| Erotic G/urls confirmed

| you are not trippin wtf I notice it too

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This thread is permanently archived