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| I'm running on empty
Sometimes feel like life isn't meant for me
My brain been getting number since back in elementary
I was born a little different, wasn't no one who respected me
Act like I'm indifferent, but craving love and need protecting see, I've worn a mask
Since way before pandemic
Made of glass
My thoughts an epidemic
But can't pass
Don't want to pass on all these feelings
I've got love ones I'm defending
I won't hang down from the ceiling, my story isn't ending
Vent over

| Keep fighting g/u/rl, for yourself. For Life. For the World. For your close ones. For the Universe.

| >>783863
Thank you. I'll do my best.

| I love sex.

| Come on, g/u/rl You are a great one, I want you to know that, everyone fights their own battles, and I'm proud of you for not giving up and wanting to see it to the end, cheering on ya, you can do it!

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Thanks g/u/rl. That's really kind of you <3

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This thread is permanently archived