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Tell me your biggest pet peeves

| Also known as what makes you suffer/annoys you

| Loud chewing, talking when your mouth is full, sneezing and coughing without covering your mouth, schrödinger's asshole and similar forms of cowardly behaviour, pessimism, people who try to impress you by bragging.

| >>775419 woah, you're based g/u/rl

| hypocrisy

| Unnecessary brakes. Now i work and people say, "Go take a brake," this is stupid. I came to work and if i need a brake, i will ask for it. Also i remember school brakes. I remember this shock when i came to us, started to learn in school, and saw schedule.

| One hour brake and/or brake for food... Why? For what? I came to school for
scientific and economical knowledge, not for talking with other stupid teens or eating! I understand that this is not in all schools. But i still hate this, even today... Sorry for this text wall...

| Myself.

| >>775473 D:

| People with an elitist attitude or who think that they're obviously better than everyone else. Get over yourself.

| >>775463
It's uh... It's break, not brake... Sorry...
Also nah, it's scientifically proven that taking small breaks at regular intervals improves productivity. And helps socializing, which is also an absolutely necessary part of being in school or in a workplace. I've made a mistake of not realizing it when I should have and now I'm paying a huge price for my prior hubris.

| Vacuous "wholesome" behavior and the hugboxes that promote it.

| >>775543 Thanks for grammar correction. And about those unnecessary breaks. They show only negative effect at my work. And socializing at school only makes it harder to learn. Me, my friends, and my family saw it in real life. It was only for good to stay away from other students.

| Those things floating in my eyes

| One of my coworkers talks in a baby voice quite frequently, and it is unbelievably annoying. You weigh like 600 pounds. You are in a professional workplace environment. You are a fully grown adult. Act like one.

| >>775674
Do you work with pets or...?

| >>775679 no. I work with grown adults and other companies' employees in a professional setting. Whenever I have to assign this coworker a task she goes "but I don't wanna" in a whiny baby voice. Stuff like that. It's almost a daily occurence. I am going to cry g/u/rls.

| Passive aggression pisses me off to no end. Idk if this is schrodinger's asshole like what 2nd post said but when someone makes an obvious jab and plays the "it's a joke!" card when they get backlash.

Also people who don't read the entirety of an email I send to them. Immediately sets me off.

| People that give each other fake compliments in a clearly fake tone. Specially when you get to see them talk sht about the person they just complimented behind their back. That "Oh my god girl, i love you bestie / you look Fan.tas.tic / you're like a treasure / i love your vibes" and then you see them at Starbucks "oh my god, i can't stand that bi*ch, she thinks she is sht, fugly ass bi*ch". I hate it and when i don't fall for their bs they get mad like "what's wromg with him". F U

| >>775763 I wonder if humans can really live like those people. They don't seem really happy or concious about their surroundings and themselves.

| >>775763 >>775766
Next time they do that just casually out them in front of the concerned person.

| >>775600 Don't worry, they're growing and soon they'll eat all your problems away. And your eyes too.

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