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Is it difficult to make meaningful connections with people? If so, Why?

| I'm not personally searching to make meaningful connections, but I've been seeing a lot of people here in danger/u/ and in others websites, and in real life, that are struggling to make those connections.
It's interesting to me the reasons that may lie behind this phenomenon, but I don't think that is an "modern only phenomenom".
Please share your opinions g/u/rls.

| Certainly, it's harder now than it used to be, online and IRL alike.
There used to be plenty of healthy communities where you could meet people with shared interests in a small group setting (and that weren't bristling with desperate people only there to try and get laid).
The overall pace of our lives and communications were slower, allowing more time for close-knit connections to form.
And most of all, people had identities outside of just being angry about political shit 24/7.

| >>775400 Maybe you got a point there

| It's not really. At least haven't been for me. Just gotta be social and actually spend time on the people you want to spend time on.

| >>775400
Also, I honestly disagree. All the older people I know don't really have these "meaningful relationships". They have very surface level relationships, usually based on their religion, their political views or the fact that they just happened to live next to eachother.
I feel like it's way easier to have genuine connections now that it's much easier to find people to like and you're not stuck with whoever lived next to you or the only person who talked to you at work.

| But, we're probably both wrong and it's some sort of in-between.

| >>775420
I think every single older person I know have one or several meaningful relationships. Most of them are even married.

| Shits way more touch and go these days due to how much the internet exposes us to. It probably leads to some sort of devaluation in general when you can contact anyone anywhere.

But some people can make it work so varies.

| >>775423
The older people I know who are married don't like their partner and are pretty toxic in general, but they don't separate because then you're a slut in the eyes of God or some shit. Kinda fucked up imo.

So, again, it's probably some in-between and it just depends on the area you're from and who you know and shit.

| My mom actually has an obscenely varied social life- these are people whom she's been friends with since she was in highschool, which was almost 50 years ago?

She actually commented once that she thinks people my age have something wrong with us, being unable to maintain strong friendships and date regularly. Felt kind of insulted.

| People are too unbearable to form meaningful connections.

| >>775681
“If you run into an asshole in the morning, you ran into an asshole. If you run into assholes all day, you're the asshole.”

| >>775681 Would you care to elaborate on that?

| >>775685 I said unbearable, I didn't say they were bad people. People are mostly dirty, loud, hypocritical, and overall I can't stand most of them. They obviously are fine with themselves and others, I just can't stand this "norm" because it doesn't fit me. Never said I'm good or whatever, just saying that I don't fit with most people and thus prefer to avoid them.

| >>775689 People not caring or understanding that I don't like unsolicited physical contact, people asking personal questions because they don't understand you can be quiet about those, people getting offended if you say you don't drink alcohol or don't like shaking hands or explain that social interactions tire you. People not understanding that you aren't necessarily like them and dismissing what you're saying because if it's not true for them, it's not for anyone.

| I met some people who aren't like that and usually it's much, much easier to talk to them and about deeper subjects or whatever, but in my own experience it was quite rare.
And well, if not wanting to be forced to comply to meaningless social norms that have no reason to exist (for example the "need" to drink alcohol) makes me an asshole then fine. It won't change the fact that I can't stand these norms and that I can't get used to them.

| >>3fc83f
good god you're like edge incarnate
i love it

| >>775726
I understand how some of that can be frustrating. But some people being like that doesn't stop you from forming meaningful relationships. You're also over exaggerating a lot.
There's a difference between being neurodivergent and an edge lord. The first is understandable, the second is unnecessary.

| One reason. Autism.

| >>775855 If asking for respect is being an edge lord, then fine. But I do think that I can't form meaningful relationships with people that don't respect me, and I don't understand how it could be possible.

| >>775887
You're really just ignoring what I'm saying, huh? All I'm saying is that some people being like that doesn't mean all people are like that. You can socialize with the people who aren't like that and then form meaningful relationships with them. Being all edgy ain't gonna solve shit, and it ain't gonna help you form meaningful relationships.
Just get out there and find some good and respectful people instead of complaining about annoying default characters.

| When worse comes to worst, sometimes you just have to have sex with anything that moves to have a physical connection. It is a dog eat dog world. Either have sex, or be sexed. Only the strongest sexer will survive. I have been in the game for over 100 years, and just look at me now... I feel great!

| >>775887
oh my god go touch some grass my dude
maybe would help to get off your high horse too while you're at it
you're not as hot shit as you think you are

| >>775920 But I read, I simply assumed you were talking about forming relationships with those people, since in my first messages I did say that I found people who weren't like that. And I just explained because I was asked to.

| >>775923 I didn't say anything about myself, but you do seem exactly like one of those people I can't stand, who believe that people who aren't like them are necessarily wrong and should change.
And no, it's not what I meant.

| >>775933
>People are too unbearable to form meaningful connections.

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