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So I just got into my uni and already everybody around me is telling me I will have a hard time finding a job after my academic life is over.

| I got top scores in the enterance exam and enrolled into my dream uni. Recently finished prep school but prople already startednto doubt my abilty to find a job after graduation. What do??

| Clearly abandon all your hopes and dreams cause some random people who barely know you tell you it's impossible

| You might as well give it an honest try. But keep in mind that a degree was never a guarantee of getting a job.

And try to have a social life. No one's going to hire a social recluse, no matter how great your grades are.

| Fuck em. Study what you love, work wherever you can

| When I took my first object oriented programming class it felt like I was just following instructions with little to no understanding of what I was doing for the first 3 weeks, then it clicked and I started writing simple programs on my own.

I take it your course started very recently? If you give it time you'll likely realise that programming isn't as hard as some people say it is. You just need to get over that first hurdle of learning something completely fresh.

| They are right, so start making connections and social contacts NOW.

| I don't know if you've been living under a rock but everyone has been saying this to everyone for YEARS. University is a scam on so many levels. Imagine working your ass off for years to be rewarded with crushing debt that will ruin your life unless the fancy paper they give you gets you a job among all the other suckers who did the same thing. There are people who get a free ride because they keep the lie going. If you aren't one of them GET OUT NOW AND LEARN A TRADE.

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This is the most important takeaway. University is not a place where your abilities or skills are going to be unique, it's a place for upper-middle class socialites to talk their way into a career. If you're a little on the shy or quirky side, the chances of which are fairly high if you're here I assume, you will have to overcome that. If you want to learn things and have valuable skills, we have the internet and real hard working people to learn from.

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This sounds like a yank-only issue.

>University is not a place where your abilities or skills are going to be unique,
As opposed to following an online course?

Learning object oriented programming from a teacher is a lot easier than doing it on your own. The issue isn't wether or not OP will learn enough in uni to be able to work as a coder, because he will. The issue is 100% social. People with many friends tend to find jobs easier.

| Good grades and papers telling you "good job" doesn't mean you'll get a job, but it does help.
Finding jobs in general is just hard though. So you might have an easy time finding one and you might have a hard time. You won't know until the time comes.

| Thanks for all the answers g/u/rls I think I feel somewhat better now

| Didn't see you mention programming but others assumed? Anyway, get an internship, some work exp or create a biz in your free time. Put that on your resume or tell people about it, the purpose of a resume is to get and interview. Learn to interview. Be social and start talking to people in the industries you want to work in. People you know can get you interviews and skip the resume step. Create value, help others w things they're building. Take some business courses. Good luck.

| Really depends on your degree, and if you think you're too high and mighty to take an unrelated job.

Just having a degree is good for employment because they know you can sit down shut up and do a task for years and stick with it, you might not get a job where you want but you can still leverage that into something else

As above the world cares more about who you know than what you know so make connections if you can

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