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Chris Chan

| Hey g/u/rls, Chris Chan admited to allegedly fucking his mother. Any other Christorians on this board? What do you think?

| I love sex.

| >>775323
t. chris' mother

| >>775327 i shouldn't laugh

| >>775337
then moan?

| i think.

| I think its really funny but im not super into chris chan so im probably not gonna keep up with his the after effects of this unless they go viral again

| It's fucking messed up


| What a terrible day to have eyes.

| Chris has been arrested! So begins the prison saga!!

| On national girlfriend day no less!

| I've read the text from kiwi farms, jfc...

| A lot of people are saying that this is "the end of Chris-chan". I've heard that one before. Somehow, I doubt this is the last we will hear of him...

| ... I'm sorry, but who the f*ck is Chris Chan?

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not worth your time finding out

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This thread is permanently archived