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Decribe the person you like

| I just want to hear yall gush about them, i think itll help me be more positive about my interactions in my own life or something

| I was crushing on this one chick really hard, sounds weird but I'm really into people that have experienced trauma but still do their best to live their life to the fullest, despite how difficult the daily might be.

Really inspiring and attractive.

| Human.

| Dating someone else

| >>775264

| She is not judgeful, generous, and always know right words... And my emotions are little stable.. she is having really admirable personality.. i wish be like her

| Lesbian and married.

| lmao imagine talking to people frequently enough to have one of those. normies

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| I haven't seen or talked to him in six years

| Might be dead by now... I hope not

| >>775264

| The person I like, is myself

| she is very beautiful and one of the few people I feel really gets me, very funny and lovely to talk to, distance keeps us apart

| Not a romantic type of like, but someone I like way more than any romantic interest. He's adorable and one of the funniest people I know. He gives everything he can to others when he has nothing himself. He's very mature and responsible when he needs to despite being like a little kid at times. He's incredibly wholesome and never fails to make me smile, even after the death of a pet or family member. He has super wholesome dreams and goals that I'll make sure he's achieves.

| He's the complete opposite of me but at the same time we're on the same wavelengths. He's flawed, yes. Rough around the edges but working on being better. He's so different in a sense that i learn from him everyday and he inspires me to live my life to the full and to quit second guessing myself. I.. i'm in love with him.

| /u/

| I've had a few in my life like this; but when they really enjoy my rants and actually remember small stuff about me. (I rant and tangent a lot due to mental stuff, helps me organizemy thoughts.) As with a lot of posts here, I like when people have a flaw, obvious or not. Patience with intimacy is also tops. Pretty eyes/nice hair is also big for me.

| He's so much more than I'll ever deserve

| my boyfriend is sweet, handsome, and loves me dearly

| stolen by one of my friend cuz i was too shy

| ( οΎŸβˆ€γ€‚)

| she's very smart.she has a eager to knowledge.

| she's like a perfect version of myself

| Azn

| >>775264 (you)

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