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/lit/g/u/rls, recommend me fantasy novels

| I know there's a couple of you who reads fantasy novels. Help a g/u/rl out.

I'm looking for something less well-known (I got Brandon Sanderson and Terry Pratchett in the bag, thanks), and hopefully not over 3 books long (standalone preferable). Not a fan of YA books, so not that kind please.

Doesn't have to be straight High Fantasy (though I am in the mood for that). Something closer to SF is fine too.

| Book of the new sun or Soldier of the mist?

| I've been rereading Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World recently. Bit of a stretch, but it's definitely fantasy-adjacent, at least. Also just a very good book in general.

| Ever read "The Name of the Wind" by Patrick Rothfuss?

He was one of Brandon Sanderson's students in university, lol.

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I already read these two, but thank you. Hard-Boiled Wonderland is my second fav Haruki Murakami book actually (the first being Norwegian Wood).

Old classic, huh? I'd prefer something newer, but would you still recommend them? It's not too difficult to read, is it?

| It's ongoing web fiction, not novels, but forge of destiny by yrsillar is my favorite fantasy story

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Is there any way to download an ebook version (EPUB/MOBI) of it? I know AO3 lets you do this, I've never used RoyalRoad before.

| Final Fantasy XV: The Dawn of the Future

| >>775168 you can also buy ebooks on amazon, or read it on the web forum where it's written, but i don't know of any way to get it in ebook form for free

| The first law trilogy and subsequent books by Abercrombie. I literally ran out of Sanderson books to read and tried these out. Think of Sanderson's superb character writing but with a more serious, fucked up tone which goes against fantasy conventions.

Also the witcher books are awesome.

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When I first read them I thought they were written in the 90s or early 2000s and was genuinely a bit suprised to find out they're from the 70s.

I recommend them, strongly, but Book of the New Sun doesn't vibe with everyone because of the main characters delusions/lies and obsession with the typical male power fantasy.

Personally I greatly enjoyed taking the walk with Severian and will enjoy it many more times to come.

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Ooh haven't heard of The First Law Trilogy. Looks interesting. Will check it out.

I've played The Witcher games, but something about it doesn't click well with me. If you've played the games, how does it compare?

Good to know. I'm really not a fan of the typical male power fantasy, especially the type typical in the 70s, but I'll keep that book in mind.

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The witcher books, without spoiling anything, happen before the games, which are really loyal to the books. They are very grim and well written and the first one is actually just an amazing retelling of classic children monster books with geralt killing them. They are amazing.

(also Sapkowski, the author, is awesome. He takes vodka as payment for signing books)

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Oh an also they are obvs not as action-y as the games, it's way more realistic, nor he chungs down dozens of potions

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