What are your opinions on irl escape rooms?

| Jk you're all homestuck and the only ones you play are crappy mobile versions.

Double Jk, i enjoy the ones that make sign a waver because they do freaky shit with paid actors.

| What is a escape room? Please be patient with me I'm kinda retarded

| It's a series of irl puzzle rooms, usually with the theme of having to escape.

Tends to be a date thing or for groups of people.

| >>773711 heyyy that seems nice! Sadly, it seems to be a niche thing because I've never heard of them before? I am mistaken and they are actually popular?

| >>2adcf1 there's a surprising amount in the city, real popular when before covid

| >>773714 I hope they get back on their rails, because I love that kind of interaction with people

| >>773713
Not very niche, but they're obviously not in small towns and stuff. But I know there's usually multiple in big cities. Especially in the west, but I'm pretty sure it's becoming fairly common all over.

| джокушка ловушкера :0

| >>773745 +1! I do these all the time! I actually write about them sometimes! Very fun! Big recc.

| I've only experienced it once, a very long time ago, but it was fun and I'd really like to do something like that again.

| I know there's a couple in my city. Never tried one though, and what with the pandemic still roaring here, I'm starting to doubt I ever will

| There was one near all the food where I used to live, but I never went in there.

| I tried it before and im too dumb to break free.

| I've only ever gone once, years ago, but it remains one of my favorite experiences. Big fan of puzzles n stuff anyway, and this adds a great atmosphere, setting and general vibe (the one we went to was set up to be on the spooky side, which I loved)

| I've only did it once. And that one was kinda shitty because all puzzles were math or some shit with numbers. Like you could do so much creative stuff. But no, it's all boring numbers or math puzzles

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