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| So, cool thing happened. I just found out that my mom actually doesn't accept or respect me. I came out to her and my dad a little while back. She said she did and my dad does. Now she went off on me about how she "accepts me and my choices" by acknowledging that I told her about it but not actually giving a shit and some conspiracy sounding shit about how it's not a real thing even though "you think so".
Right after my parents divorced as well, so my dad isn't here to back me up.

| So, yeah. Sorry for bringing the mood down between all the positive threads. I just needed to get it out because I feel pretty suicidal right now but I'm not in the mood to leave the people who genuinely love me.

| >headpat

Sorry to hear, OP. It sounds like its time for you to move out, if you haven't already.

| Another one on suicide watch

| >>773532
I'm trying my goddamn hardest. I'm working inside a tiny little metal box filled with machinery during summer and getting a fucking heat stroke every day so I can get out. It just takes a while to have enough for where I'm moving to.

Nah. I'm just really stressed and down and sometimes feel like dying, but I ain't ever gonna commit.

| You should commit an expression and find avenues to release these feelings through various means OP. God bless.

| >>773610
I already do. It helps me a lot.
Thank you for the blessing.

| Oof. That seems rough OP, I wish you the best so you can get out of there and just be yourself the way you actually want to be.

| >>773732
Thank you. That sounds nice.
I mean, no matter where I'll go there are gonna be people who are cunts about that kinda stuff, but, at least I won't be living with them and, you know. They're not my mom. Things always hurts more coming from people you trust.

| >>773744 That's the attitude. Move on, live the life *you* want, and either she'll come around or you'll find you're better off without her.
I've been there myself and I'm happy with the people I've chosen to have in my life.

| >>773823
Yup. That's the thing. If she's not with me she's not with me, and then it'll just have to be that way. You either respect me or you're out of my life. Can't stay in toxic situations like that. I've got shit to do.

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