| Anyone else got a monkey on their back? I'm trying to go long term without weed and alcohol, which are my kryptonite, especially weed. It is malevolently addictive. I've tried many times before and am making progress, though. I'm 3 days off of weed and a week off alco. It's shitty as fuck and feels like a minor hell, but it must be done. If anyone is thinking about getting clean, I encourage you take the jump. If you're in the midst of such battle, let me hear your story.

| I had to cut caffeine a few years ago. (Had to do it slow or I may died) but it was worth it in the end. Now I almost never need sleep without stims.

| Quite a few. I have a paranoia problem and excessive cynicism to boot, and I find that my lack of self esteem often leads me to sabotaging relationships with people and opportunities for self improvement/experiences in life.

A close friend just confessed to me, so for the first time in a couple years i've reentered a relationship, but i'm deathly afraid that i'll cock it all up somehow.

| Posts like these make me feel so damn proud and happy of myself, because I promised to myself since I was a kid, that I will never fall into any kind of drug addiction, no weed, no alcohol, no smoking.

I've never failed to keep that promise, and I think I'll never fail myself in that.

| >>773489
Sounds bad, good for you.

I can't relate to that at all. I've always been extremely assertive and aggressive with life to the point of self-destruction through carelessness and recklessness. Idk, you need to get in touch with your inner bad boy and get some vinegar pumping thru those veins.

I applaud you. Stay on that track and you'll be fine. I've always been very open minded and curious, so drug use seemed inevitable to me.

| >>774011 Open minded and curious doesn't mean stupid. You can wonder what death feels like without committing suicide.
I've always hated this sort of "curiosity excuse".

| >>774046
Thanks for the insult. Well, I'm in STEM and my IQ has been tested to be....above average to say the least, so I wouldn't exactly call myself stupid, even if it's in that regard.

>You can wonder what death feels like without committing suicide

This is a false equivalence. Nobody expects to die from their 1st beer or joint.

>I've always hated this sort of "curiosity excuse".

Curiosity is essential to human advancement. It's a necessary double edged sword.

| Going to the gym helped me a lot when i tried to kick off my addiction. If you dont like to lift weights just do some exercise, pratice some sport.

| >>774052
>Nobody expects to die from their first beer or joint
Though they sure do try and make kids think that.

| >>774052 I'm saying that if "being curious" is enough to make you try drugs, it's not smart. Doing dumb things doesn't mean being dumb though, but if you think that high IQ prevents you from doing stupid things, I have bad news.

| >>2a8254
Dude if dont have something good to say, just dont say It.
Nobody here cares if you never took any drugs or something like that.
OP said hes trying to get off his addiction, and thats nice and asked for some similar stories.
You can be an asshole if you want but people will just ignore you

| >>2a8254
"I always hated how people choose to live they own lives"

imagine being so sensitive and emotionally fragile to the point of bitching on an anom board because of the personal choices of others

| And dont brag about sobriety.
I know youre addicted to deez nuts on your chin

| >>774065 lmao

| >>774064 Talk about a salty boy who got so offended he forgot how to read. Maybe take your own advice and shut up since you're not saying anything good either :)

| >>2a8254 i aint offended cause you didnt even talked to me in the first place, dumbass. Bet yo momma smoked crack while pregnant of you on purpose that why youre stupid like that.

| I was pretty addicted to Warframe a couple years ago. Recently I relapsed and spent five days doing nothing else. And spent almost $100. Since then I've been CRAVING it but resisting well.

| >>774160 You're quite the specimen. Cute.

| Nicotine and caffeine are my main ones. I feel my body just genuinely slow down and start hurting if I don't have those two in me. Going one day without either would be very challenging. One day without both I'd just be laying in bed completely knocked out for the whole day.
It's bad, but I don't feel much of a desire to quit. I know it's essential to quitting addictions to actually want to quit, so, yeah...
I occasionally quit caffeine for smaller periods of time though.

| I knew several addicts who quit without going to meetings, but they just became worse assholes. However I met a lot of great people who went to meetings. Something to think about as normies with never be able to relate to your experience

| I drink alcohol, but only recreationally. As in, I'm not against cracking open a cold one with the boys, but I really won't die if I go a week, or a month, or even a year without doing so.
Now caffeine though, that's another story. Either I get a cup of coffee in the morning, or the whole day might as well be ruined. Not sure yet if I really want to cut the habit, though. Coffee's hella good.

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