Write me a poem

| Here's mine:

Dragonfly drift, corner of my eye

Fly by, into the blue

I pass you, and everything is better

| I




| >>773438 This.

| Ok here I go
Where-ever I go
A kind shadow of me
Kindly follows me
It's a bit creepy
And it makes me happy
Because it means that Light is around me
No matter I go
Light and Shadow follow me.

| Dangers over the horizon
The horizon which I won't cross
As it's beyond my reach
But I'm told I don't want to be there
As to tell myself another lie
I have another sleepless morning

| I see the cubes
Floating, elevated
Personalised slots
They're never unrelated
Pyramids, eyes
They're always segregated
The sun and the moon
Forever separated

| Roses are bae
Like a stingray
Descended from Fer
Who felt like a her
No wonder jill felt so real
When adhd was on the bill

Lyrical miracle spiritual spagetual

| sex
will be


| Wires connected
Myriad sparks gathering
Existence online

| These are breddy gud.

| If I cooked poop
at the right temperature
would it be safe eat?

| Oh my sweet dear
Please do not fear
Im with you, youre with me
Imagine what we could be
And i feel that the air is thin
When i put deez nuts on your chin

| >>773909 ok that was awesome. I'm not gonna lie.

| Roses are red
Violets are blue
My mum sucks cock
But my dad does too

| (this aint my work but you wont be able to find the source)

White Egret, Gliding over the swamp canal

Water like black glass, reflecting cottony clouds above

Red gator up and grabs a bird dead out of the sky

Water boiling Red, I wish it was my neighbor instead

I'm pretty sure he shot my cat, a mean thing at that

dreaming of the gator pit in my front yard ten or twelve big ones teeth propping up lips

Invite my neighbor over for a glass of iced tead. (Cont PT1)

| >>774354 PT2

Come on over bro, and have a drink with me

and in my dreams, the gators pick his bones clean

because i think shootin my cat, was pretty damn mean

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