forming real human connections

| So I moved to another country and I've been living here for 3 years.
And i struggle with this.
Is here anoybody that has a similar feeling/experience?

| Have sex and have fun.

| yeah totally, that happen a lot. you can do activities that force you to meet other people, also thats a good way to learn new things

| Maybe join a club of an interesting thing you like?

| Fucked my way around
Tinder basicly became an idle game.
I would keep some auto liker shit on and if some random g/url matches and texts i know whats up. Its not like that i go in with the intention of getting laid .
But idk the sex just became kinda boring.

If there is a club for deep talks , late night drinking outside and weird music i would be in.Hard 2 meet people that think alike.Plus i have to work pay the bilss yada yada...

| >>773458 Maybe an online club/group of introverts would be awesome for you, and you'd be amazed, there're a lot of them!
Maybe reddit have some of these introvert groups? Anyways, it' a good starting point for that search.

Pd: I may use the word "maybe" a lot, but I like it.

| Well i wouldnt rly describe myself as an introvert .
Something like picky extrovert sounds more fitting.
Online stuff is cool , i mean i found this by accident.But i need the social contact. I rly wanna feel like im in a movie woth cool characters and do stuff...

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