tell me a good thing that happened today

| i'll go first:
a girl told me my eyeliner looked good ! wich made me feel real nice since i'm kind of a beginner with that stuff.
we laughed about how hard it was to put that shit on and then we just continued with our lives.
i wish that could happen more often
(i'll post something tomorow)

| I didn't vomit.

| I love sex.

| I progressed a lot in a game I like and I managed to help one of my friends a bit financially.

| i feel very loved by my boyfriend today!

| I watched Naked Director series 2.. i was able to watch tv after longer time

| Tomorrow i wish to write one person who i really like... But she maybe hate me

| >>773309
theg killed sex

| Gg's to yall, and >>5cb0ab i know what you feel. She probably does not hate you, might be just because you don't talk to her a lot so you're making stuff up in your head.
however uf she truly hates you, then you can still admire her, but i assure you that some friends that you have will be nicer to ya

| soooo
today i finished fullmetal alchemist brotherhood, i went to the weeb store to buy a manga made by the dude who made oyasumi punpun and i'm gonna draw stuff.
what about yall

| im watching Lain for the first time and still going with mi study on Kabbalah. The world seems pretty neat now

| I finished a good game recently, and I'm wondering about life itself.

I think that game changed me for the better, just a little bit.

| >>bbdc81 what's the game :?

| So, today I finished the game that I progressed a lot in yesterday, and the friend I managed to help financially seems a lot happier today :3

| >>773442 it's called "Everhood" a rpg with a rythm combat with good music.

| >>bbdc81 oh i played it actually ! it's really nice, the rythm elements weren't too much of my cup of tea but it rocked and definitely was fun.
you should try omori if you like indie rpgs, it also has deep stuff to talk about, a great ost and cool rpg mechanics

| >>3f1874 Splendid ! I'm really happy for you two, helping a friend, and being somewhat responsible for the smile on their face is an amazing feeling.
whats the game ?

| I failed

| >>5cb0ab can you learn something from that failure ?

| I bought wrong shoes...

| >>773461
He saved my life and is the most loving person I know. It's the least I can do. His smile means the world to me.
The game is Indivisible! Ranted about it a bit in a /v/ thread. Such a precious little gem of a game.

| I didn't cut me self.

>>84c8a6 I think i know you...

| >>773460 Ohh I'm glad that we share the Everhood experience! I'll go check Omori of course!!

| >>3f1874 i heard about it yeah !

| >>61c487 heh that would be surprising, but in the case were you do know me, thank you for being a part of my life i guess ? i mean maybe it wasn't great for things i or you did, but in either cases, i can learn and grow from these, so thanks !

| oh btw i'm >>84c8a6

| >>773579 По русски говоришь?

| >>61c487 nope

| >>773626 Okay.

| I did go to swimming even tho i didnt feel like it (it needs to be consistent) also i slept good and had a weird dream

| >>773478 did your friend make indivisible?

| >>773474 just that my life is mess.. but i knew it

| >>773659
No. I wish though, because if he did he'd have money and a job rn.

| The day isn't over yet BUT
i started watching a let's play of a game, i drew a little and will draw more.
I also started talking to a cute girl on instagram and someone in my next school is planning to make a party with all of the newcomers, so thats nice !
also pokemon unite is out, might try it
im still >>2ab205 btw

| i played some Pokemon Unite, then i want to the beach where some HOT babes were chilling (they were all very cute i'm so happy to be a lesbian).
and i went home and played some more Pokemon Unite.
also been talking with the people from my new school

| still >>2ab205

| Well, today I came out to my grandma, and she surprisingly accepted me.

| I've had some really nice interactions with my crush today. Tomorrow promises to be even better. Just thinking about it instantly makes me ten times happier..
I'm so madly in love, holy shit.

| got to go back to work at the martial arts dojo after a while. it's definitely not my least favorite way to make money.

| >>773873
That's really nice! I'll be waiting for you to come back to this thread with an update when he/she is no longer just your crush but your partner.

| >>773873
Good luck g/u/rl! Be sure to tell us how it goes today!

| I uhhh pulled a pretty good unit in a gacha... That's probably the best thing that happened this week... Now that I say it it's actually rather sad...

| I hugged my siblings. I forgot how adorable they can be. ;_;

| hey yall, >>2ab205 here ! i'm really happy for everyone here, reading your good moments has become a good moment of mine.
today, i charadesigned one of my webcomic's character, drew some stuff from my beach travel, and went outside to buy some more mangas.

| I'm back with goodie thing today! I saw bears! And croccys! And piggies! And moosies! And deeries! And turtlies! And a big, big snake!
I haven't been to a place like that in years and now that I'm all grown up I could walk around and see the place myself, which made it a lot less stressful and made the overwhelmingness of lots of people and sounds and light and heat just, a lot easier to manage.
Ended up with super bad headache but still amazing experience!

| I went to the zoo today. :D

| yo, not too much happened today but it was great, tell me about yall

| i got cup noodles

| Today was super busy for me, but, I enjoyed it! Celebrated by grandparents anniversary and my grandpa's birthday in the same day. It was goodie.

| Ok bitch now its on

| Oh sorry wrong thread

| I strapped on skates and went roller blading for the 1st time since I was a kid. Had a fucking blast : )

| >>3d2e49 i wanna rollerblade so baaaaad

| I did nothing, and woke up super late. I just came off from two long weeks in office so it felt incredibly liberating. Made some nice plans for next week too!

| Today was a boring but fine day...
i walked a bit with my dad, played piano and right now i'm drawing wich is cool.
I wanna do lucid dreams agaaaain

| Phone was successfully fixed by repair company... god bless right to repair legislation.

| Today hugged me stepsister "^^

| I ran 5k this morning. Felt pretty good desu

| Today i started doing roller blading, i can pretty easily, tomorow i'll try to go forward.
I watched some tv with my dad.
It was a nice day

| Well, it's 00:14, the only thing I did today so far is browse Danger/u/ while listening to music. I wish everyday was as chill as this

| Honestly, this day has been, like, super bad. But, one thing that was nice is that while writing a song earlier I randomly made one of the most insane sounding verses I've ever made, which is really nice because this song alongside another one will decide if I get forwarded to, like, multiple proffesional music people or not.

| >>b31a23 drop the lyrics g/u/rl !

| Shaved. If I was cute before, now I'm irresistible!

| >>774524
Nah nah nah. It's the type of thing where the flow, the delivery, the effects and the beat need to be there as well for it to sound insane. Just the lyrics in written form won't show it properly. But, I'll probably make a thread when I release it. Dw.

| Today, it was raining, so i couldnt Roller Blade, however, i drew a lot and watched best-ofs of one of my favourite streamers, twas great

| Covid test result was negative. /o/

| I found out that OSHA has a tumblr page

| I saw a movie with my friends and bought 200 bucks worth of clothes

| Today was full of great stuff !
I did some Rollerblading and it was amazing, i watched Beastars with my dad and i went to the bar.
Now the good thing is that at the bar, i met one of my long time friends and her boyfriend, it was fun to talk to them after all this time !

| Yesterday announcement of Project Zero.. but idl don't think that will things fix before release

| I had a lil party with my ex's friend and found a lil bit of courage to talk to him via discord.
Like me, he transitionned, and like me, he went to an art school, he gave me great tips.
When i left the party, a cat followed me for a pretty long while, i hope he is ok.

| The sickness i got earlier this weekend seems to be receding. This is the first day without any fever.


| I caved my sister's head in with a big rock.

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