do people "deserve" happiness?

| why or why not?

| Just no

| We have to ask what deserve means, because i don't think it's something built into the universe like some people do. But i think contributing to happiness is right and should be the goal of moral actions

| Sex is happiness. People deserve sex.

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You pretty much nailed it already

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You pretty much nailed it already

| Imagine how much sex we would have if society secured the two bottom rows of Maslow's hierarchy of needs.


in b4
>Won't somebody think of the multinational, super-conglomerate, mega-corporations and their CEOs multimillion dollar bonuses to themselves?

| No, people do not deserve happiness.

| Do you deserve deez nuts on your chin?

| People aren't happy with the same things. People should deserve to live without fearing about their own survival. But apart from that, you can't guarantee anything.
Or else I can only be happy if I'm ultra rich, now give me my free money

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That wasn't the question though lol

| They deserve the pursuit of it, whether they actually get is up in the air and can't be determined.

But even the premise of the question is odd, too broad. Happiness isn't the point, it's a bi-product.

| There's no deserving smth, life isn't either a competitive game or a happy utopia.
I guess being nice help you find other nice people and thus be happy, but yeah there's different kind happiness and I think there will always be something that you don't have, so don't get to much thoughts on it.
Knowing that there's better and wanting it, is an unnecessary frustrating thing.

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I don't know what you gals mean by different kinds of happiness. Happiness is generally defined as the experience of frequent positive thoughts, such as joy, interest or pride, and is arguably viewed as having a temporary feeling attached to it.

I strongly believe and encourage that people deserve to experience this sometime in their life.

| Dunno, maybe if they could achieve happiness they deserved it

| I dont believe in "deserve" aswell but often when im thinking that someone deserves happiness, it's when they are really good people who are kinda unlucky or around bad people or that are just bad unecessary things happening to them

| >>29c2a3 i think the contention stems from how one gets it. If it's something you actively chase think about all the time you'll never get it.

Kinda like how if a g/u/rl reeks of desperation they are really unattractive.

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You lost me, bro. I don't think the means to achieve happiness is what defines happiness, but that may be irrelevant because I'm not sure I understood you correctly.

You're right about constantly wanting happiness will lead to unhappiness, because that's what 'wants' tend to do. Letting go of those desires may not lead to happines either, but rather to feeling contented.

That doesn't mean that you can't achieve happiness by doing things that makes you happy though.

| >>773026 Yes. Everyone does. Life is short, I see no reason to live a life in misery. No living creature should be subjected to that. Existence should be enjoyed.

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