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Policeman from Brazil

| the police force that kills and dies the most in the world
Ask me anything.

| are you corrupt

| Do you accept bribes every now and then?

| Do you have sex on duty

| What are some general misconceptions people have about the level of corruption taking place.

If there are good precincts in what areas are they in and why are they good?

| Would you kill Bolsonaro if you had the chance?

| I'm sorry you're in Brazil

| >>2f1da3

If I were to answer your question as I would like I would do an essay, but I don't want to be boring. To quickly answer, yes, I got corrupted. But it wasn't by choice, you either join their game or die.

| >>eea493
If I accept it is not for the money itself, but for the connection that this attitude will bring me. Sometimes meeting the right people is worth more than money.

| >>808926



there is no limit to corruption here. in Brazil we have something known as "the Brazilian way". is a term to refer to attitudes that bring you benefits behind the scenes, a nice way to say that cheating is allowed.

| >>f69958

and I live in Rio de Janeiro, I know the safest areas in the city which are to the south and west. but if I'm talking about a national parameter, I'll tell you that the wildest places are the north and northeast

| >>057f17

Yes. I would like to personally drag him to the busiest avenue and spread his brains out on the asphalt on full national television.

| >>af426f

Thank you.

| OP, I think you've been here before. I remember at least a couple threads you made in the past couple years.


I don't want to brag but I've been here since the game was basically released. I've shared my experience here a few times. I don't usually expose myself but I feel comfortable here I don't know why. you are my confidants.

| in fact every time I exposed myself was here. I don't know, I feel that here people will listen to me, even more than in my family environment. I just know that I wish whoever is reading this have a great life.

| How does it feel knowing your job is to enforce the corrupt system that is directly responsible for generating all the things you "have" to fight on a daily basis?

| Do you think IQ tests are reliable

| Why would you join the police force if its so obviously corrupt? There have to be better paying jobs avalible to you right?

| How did a corrupt policeman find out about a Venezuelan waifu bartending game?

| What's the thing that you've done on duty that you think really affected you as a person?

| What are your thoughts on a hypothetical revolution to abolish government? In a situation like that, would you defend the system or fight alongside the citizens?

| What is your favourite colour?

| Can you dance?

| Why dont you just quit at this point? So many good cops were fired last year, you could do better and let the scumm blow themselves up when they realise their corruption is the thing that will cause their collapse.

| When is N1RV Ann-a going to be released?

| >>daf2f5
ridiculous, of course. obviously everyone knows that the solution to solve this shit is to invest in education, but of course the government dont want a wise population. and honestly it's been a long time since the police here stopped being a security tool. we are not here to protect anyone. the aim of the police here is to ensure that the schemes continue to work without a problem

| >>e634bd

I dont know about IQ tests enough to reply that question.

| >>f5f809
I don't know why exactly. I never quite knew what to do with my life. my father and my grandfather were from the army and the police, they got along well in life so I thought about following the same path.

and it's not like I know how to do anything else with my life.

| >>771467 what I meant is they were successful.

| upping because i want to hear more from brazilian popo

| carioca here bro, what DP are you from?

| which burg do you support

| Did you make the 'How do I get out brazil ' thread?

Who deals with the crimes then if you guys don't?

| Is there anything good in brazil?

| >>771355 What do you think of stories about your American counterparts, if you ever hear news about them?

| >>48246c nowadays im in the 134° from Campos

| >>f69958

I played before even being a cop. You talk about me as if I were an elderly person, I'm only 25

| >>45c6d5

I've already killed children. but the fact that they carry rifles bigger than themselves with the intention of killing me makes any vestiges of guilt disappear. or maybe i'm just fucked in the head.


Thats the future generation.
Or not cause hes dead

| Are you hopeful for change or do you prefer things the way that they are because you have a much better leverage?

| >>a315c4 I'd imagine shooting kids would age you up a couple decades.

In the fantasy scenario that someone were to tackle corruption, what would be the first thing to go for?

From my understanding it's also a cultural issue, much like Bulgaria where quite a few institutions depend on it.

| >>051578

it depends a lot on how it all happens. but if I'm going to speak for what I prefer, I say that I would totally support the population. dragging our political representatives to the public square and killing them as if I were a Jacobin is practically a sexual fantasy

| >>2a323e


| >>70077f

as I said above, I don't know qhat to do much other than that. one of the reasons not to drop this shit is this. not to mention that I belong to a small portion of the population that can go armed without fear of reprisals and impose their will. this is one of the reasons I became a police officer

| >>2c5b00

Yes, I did. I'm working and going to law school. I intend to leave here with the money I'm saving and my diploma as soon as I graduate.

| >>44d774

I hate people who want to appear as more suffering, but the US police are much better equipped and trained than here. I've seen my partners do operations with German Mauser pistols from World War II, mosin nagant and even older stuff. while drug dealers use aks, rifles that pierce helicopters like paper.

| >>45c6d5

| >>45c6d5

to tell you the truth I didn't care what happens here. I intend to leave and make my family far away from Brazil. I love my country, I love my culture. but I don't want to put a child in the world to see what I saw, or be as mentally ill as I am. I'm a bad person, but not to that point

| Op here everybody, idk why my id changed.

| How many innocent people have you killed and/or raped?

| >>a6a137
I never raped anyone. and, what is your definition of innocent? I'm asking so I can give you the exact number. which is usually going to be difficult. I lost count of how many pussies I fucked at 15, imagine how many people I killed

| >>a6a137

to be saying that I raped someone or you must be a slum dweller or some stoner who wears a "mariele lives" shirt

| >>772207
Project some more you rapist scum. Go back to murdering innocent people like the cockroach you are.

| >>a6a137

what is your definition of innocent? Eu vim de favela, eu sei o que é matar e morrer. Eu vi meus amigos morrendo por merda. Vai tomar no seu cu. Você não viveu nem metade do que vivi. Eu PISO EM VERMES IGUAL A VOCÊ TODO DIA. VERMES COMO VOCÊ QUE ALIMENTAM O CRIME.

| >>a6a137

you don't fucking know me or my life. don't talk about me like you know me. saw my friends die, kill, and why? for nothing, because rich old men told them to, and you think we do it because we want to? for pleasure?

| no one here is proud of it. practically every night I cry for what I've done and every time I look in the mirror I feel like blowing my head off. I don't know what to do with my life. I'm practically begging the farmer to accept me as his bodyguard to get me out of this.

| I don't know what to do, I just want to leave. I wanted to know how to do something else with my life that wasn't hitting or killing others. my dream is to have a sanctuary for abandoned animals, dogs and cats. instead i live in this shit, if i could choose it wouldn't have been this

| God im so pathetic

| >>772209
There is only one definition, you dumb rapist. The fact that you feel compelled to brag about your alleged sex life out of the blue is pathetic and says volumes about your insecurities.

Think about me the next time you murder some innocents you corrupt coward rapist murderer.

| >>772210
Boo boo my corrupt friends died so I'm not responsible for murdering innocents

| >>a6a137

Damn if you're Brazilian, you know that most women open their legs when they see a gun in someones waistband. if I already had sex during working hours? yes sure, but this doesn't mean I raped anyone. apparently the only thing you want to do is swear at me and take out your anger.

| Yo chill, >>a6a137 you are projecting more than anybody here, op is just a person living with no other choices like anyone else, he even said he doesnt rape so whats the problem of boasting about a concenssual sex count?

| >>772217

My guess is >>a6a137 either had some family that got raped & killed or is just fucking around and/or hates police. Probably all three.

Anyway OP, where are you planning on moving as soon as you get the opportunity?

| >>772208 >>772214 >>772215
", the twitter bitch said, sipping latte in a comfy chair made in china, somewhere on the west coast.

| >>db211d ease up, not everyone understands the police outside of their internet bubble.

| >>7db714

don't compare lack of understanding with accusing someone of rape out of the blue. that sissy probably got his mom or girlfriend fucked by some cop, and since he can't do a damn thing about it in real life, he's here cursing me like I have something to do with it. pathetic

| >>3b44e1 real and true

| >>b2aa03 my childhood dream was to live in Japan, kinda cliche.

Canada looks like a lovely place, and its more easier than Japan cause u know, its Japan.
I just want to be in a place where me and my family can be safer than here.

| >>772311

| >>84d989 fuck Portugal
Me n my homies want our gold back

| Yeah give back our gold!

| >>2c5b00

of course yes the Brazilian people are very receptive and hardworking. our cuisine is fantastic, it is a consensus among cooks around the world. Our nature is beautiful. Brazil is a blessed country, we are the largest freshwater reserve in the world, we have most Not to mention our culture. Our movies, our music, I fucking love my country. and that's exactly what makes me sadder. know that this could be paradise. to know that I have to go away to have peace.

| have you ever seen any shotgun revolvers?

| >>772196 lmao, maybe in the chance you go on gang wars, you can do a bayonet charge while they mow you guys down

| I always see these lynching videos and gore mostly comes from brazil? Are you really burning people as punishment or shoot them in the hands for stealing? What the fuck

| Also where can i go to for vacation safely? I dont want to make my children the next batman or something

| >>773268 wtf? Im not OP, but you must not be brazillian right? Police do get violent but thats not how things go here, you are either mistaking the country or really missing out on something.

| >>9bdb7b there are probably some messed up untouched parts of brazil where tht goes on. When you got kids strapped with AKs protecting drugs a lot of things become acceptable.

| >>773277 well even if its true, its more of an issolated cases and even then, stuff like this is usually spread out with either bias or no context at all, like, they show of a video of an armed kid getting tortured but there is nothing indicating that the police did that, those types of videos usually are recorded by these gangs.

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