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Shit check

| How's shit going g/u/rl, better than the last time you had a crisis asking what the fuck you were doing with your life, or worse?

Personally, even tho it doesn't feel completely different or improved, shit has been getting better for me

But you tell me, g/u/rls

| Shit has been... Stable, at the very least. The crisis seems to have passed, the worst possible outcome has been avoided (for now), but shit still is not necessarily getting better per se.

| Shit is getting foggy right now, I may have to stop slacking off, and stop being lazy in general. But that shit is rough. That shits is very hard

| Move this thread to /poop/

| Still fighting my drug and alcohol problems, but am making progress. Sobriety is inevitable, at this point. ????

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This thread is permanently archived