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I'm drunk and my mother angry at me

| It's 2.30 and my mother called to me asking about when I'll come home. But I smell (I'm drunk) and I thought she was already asleep (she called me and told so) so I didn't rven think about coming to home. Now my mom is angry.

| I'm too fucked to fully understand what you just said, but, good luck.

| No offense pal if you're that fucked up that you can barely string together a coherent sentence - you're really drunk.

Be more careful out there g/u/rl. Your mom cares.

| Alcohol got the best of you today, g/u/rl, all that is left is to own up to it, good luck with your mom when you recover your soberness

| Posts like that could almost make me believe that karma exists.

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This thread is permanently archived