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You choose what I go get at the store

| Dubs and I can't refuse it

Am hungry but also kinda poor. Go

| Cheese pizza

| >>769370
On the list!

| Doritos, some soda and some meth from the shady looking guy behind the store

| >>769375
>behind the store
You mean the highway?

| Soba

| An assault charge

| salad

| burrito

| Salad. Stay healthy ^_^

| Buy some sex and share it with all of us.

| Get yourself a nice drink. Your choice between iced coffee, ice tea, a soda or an energy drink. Choose wisely!

| How was the soba noodles, OP?

| >>769433

| Buy tic tac.

| Water! Stay hidrated g/u/rl!!

| Vodka

| Must be a crazy store if it has all of this in stock...

| Omega Mart perhaps?

| 1kg of kiwis

| >>769472 Usual store.

| Can you buy sex in there ?

| sex can nor be bought as it is killed

| Get 30 Ultra Balls, and 15 Max Repels.

| >>769777 nah, sex came back. She and theg are happily married now.

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This thread is permanently archived