My gf is cheating me

| she was sleeping and I felt a strange sensation sending me to look at her cell phone. I never did this because i believe people have privacy, but today I ended up doing it out of curiosity. I found messages from her with a fucking ugly guy, making arrangements to meet, talking about doing things together and such

| the point is, for me it wouldn't be difficult to break up with her because when i saw that all the feeling i had was over. but in a few days she said she would let me fuck her ass. i'm planning on breaking up with her as soon as i cum in her ass, treat her like the bitch she is.

| We've been in this relationship for 3 years now, I never cheated on her, I always respected her and gave up fucking infinitely more attractive women simply because I loved her. I think cum in her ass and tell her to leave would be a great way to end up with a bitch like that. I would like a suggestion or opinion from you. Do you think my plan is a good one or should I just get rid of it as soon as possible?

| I mean, I'd say just get rid of her immediately. If you wanna be petty about it then I guess cum first, but, eh. The quicker you get out the quicker you can start finding someone who's actually worth it instead of being in a relationship you don't wanna be in longer than necessary just to cum.

| Yeah just dip, sounds like a cunt but don't let that redpill shit get in you. Just forget about her and if she gives you nerve for cheating.

Be extremely polite :) if she didn't value your time then don't value hers and make exit stage right and find better people.

| Cum in ass is appropriate revenge.

| Cum in her ass and then cheat on her with the same dude

| >>765641 I second that, cum into ass of that dude

| >>>>743956 fuck that ass, cum inside and break up, one after another!

| >>765588
>>765649 lmao, how do i even manage to fuck up the reply thing

| Good call, follow through on your plan and leave this thot

| >>765641 >>765646 +1, send her a video of you laying claim to her side guy.

| Just saying you're leaving is much better imo. I understand you're hurt but i don't think using sex as a way to get revenge is a good idea, any more than also cheating would be. Is that really how you want to view your sexuality in the future(or even just anal specifically), something one directional and humiliating rather than something to enjoy mutually? And do you think you'd feel better if you stuck in a relationship you were done with, deceptively, just for that?

| >>765663 you got a point.

fuck, your reasoning power is so good it made me wonder whether to fuck an ass or not. this never happened to me, what the fuck.

| >>765670

| >>2a884b slam dunk from the moon

| >>765663
G/u/rl explained it perfectly.

| Implying you even have friends.
I hope you get HIV

| Bail. You do not want STIs and save your majestic cum for someone better

| Dude you're disgusting

| >>765707 exactly there are many g/u/rls here who are far more deserving of your cum. especially me

| Wtf? she's a cheater, why ppl think she deserves any good from you? don't let pussy pass happen

| >>765753
There's this thing called "dignity". Just because someone's an asshole doesn't mean you should also act like one

| >>765753
It's not about her. Got no respect for a cheater. It's about OP. OP would be better off not doing it. Simple as that.

| OP, you animal! Be alpha male!

| Be the cuck you were born to be

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