Tell me your best/worst dad jokes

| So we all can laugh a little bit!

| I love sex.

| Jumper cables yeah!????

| Hedgehogs ay?

| https://youtu.be/HgKT3DEqCtk

| >>765542

| >6 posts
>none of them contains a dad joke

What the hell is this thread?

| Wow mais c'est génial ici!

| >>765784 here> >>765644

| *Blub Blub Blub*

| - I am gay
- Hi gay, I am dad

| Wow mais c'est génial ici!

| My very first experience with an elevator was uplifting, but the second one was a let down

| >>766155 Ok you got the best dad joke so far! You deserve a prize! :3

| I would tell you g/u/rls about my time travel joke, but you g/u/rls did not like it.

| >>766352 hahaha that's a good one!
El Psy Kongroo

| Do you know why the terminator didn't upgrade to windows 10? When we asked, he answered "I still love vista, baby!"

| Here's a classic: If you ever feel cold, just go into a corner.
They're usually around 90 degrees.

| >>766529
I never herd of that one, because I self-identify as a collective group of animals.

| >>766535 just kidding, because I am only a kid. Classics fly over my head like a flock.

| >>766536 Okay that was bad, do I still make your naughty list, Santa? Or should I make like a flocking-herd and be Rudolph to light the way to a good dad joke? Because, I noes what is best.

| >>766538 Basically, you are that Dad, because as a kid, my Dad is always Santa. He is such a joke...

| >>766539 Well time to Prancer along now. Hopefully this Dad joke Dasher'd like a Comet into your heart like Cupid and didn't Donner'd on you like a Vixen.



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