Ay, bigot. I'm all clean now~

| We finally had to money to get to buy proper razor stuff.
I'm all clean now ;3

So to make it fair I'd say everything you said is invalid now~

| You look cute g/u/rl ;)

| >>765406
Aw. Thankies!

| That's like 30% of your body and we can't see a face so good luck
Clean body but clean mind also, how is that going along?

| >>765449
Sheep go baah

| >>765453
That's good you know what a sheep sounds like

| >>765449
I've already showed most of my body clean. Only thing missing was my legs~

| >>765402 your legs look kawaii

| >>765521
I'll try to take it as a compliment.
Thank you!

| Is it bad I assumed this was another femboy just because it was posted to danger/u/?

| >>765549 it is a femboy though.

| >>765554 ah, you can tell?

| >>765549
Some people call me that. Technically not correct, but, I'm used to it.

| Still haven't seen the bigot here. Very dissapointed.

| >>765576
uh no
>>765808 >>765449

| >>765824
Is that the bigot I talked with? Writing is different and he never asked for face or stuff like that last time, so, I don't think it is.

| >>765832
The source is literally me, the bigot

| >>765851
Well, I guess you've just changed. I guess that makes sense though since all your points got invalidated~

| >>765855
Cheeky cunt

| >>765859
Love you ;3

| Are you addicted to my attention now?

| >>765402 i want to lick your legs

| >>765887
You wish~

I don't think that's very appropriate, but I'll try to take it as a compliment.

| Looking cute.

| >>765896 if>>765890 gets to lick your legs, I too would like to lick your legs.

| >>765943
I don't think I want people licking my legs at all to be honest...

| >>10e12ab sorry if my comment was inappropriate

| >>765961
It's okay, it's okay. It's a learning experience.

| I took two more pics that show off the clean so since I already have this thread to show my body progress and some of you liked it I'll share here~ <3
Just don't get weird again please...


| >>766296 You look gorgeous!
But it's strange for me that nobody will go crazy with some cute photos, this is the internet, right?
But don't mind me, it's just my opinion and in the end, I hope you're doing well.

| >>766304
Aw! Thank you!!! That means a lot :3
I'm not sure I really understood that, but, maybe? I'm not sure what you mean. I'm sorry!
And, thank you! I'm not, but, I'm trying my best!

| >>766308
Lol I'm sorry if I phrased that incorrectly, english is not my first language ;-;
Don't worry about what I said, just forget it hehe
Oh that's kinda bad, I truly wish you good luck in life!

| >>766296 nice belly!

| >>766341
Aw. Don't worry. It isn't mine either. I know how it is. Is all goodie!
It's okay! I wish the same to you <3

| >>766380
Thank you! I've been trying my best to get an actual belly instead of just bones, and, I think it's starting to get better!

| how do you get stubble off your legs? my razor just doesn't seem to shave close enough :(

| >>766446
I'm honestly not sure. I just shave a lot and hope for the best. Sometimes it works well, sometimes it doesn't. It's weird.

| Do you use razor or wax? I use wax cause the razor makes the hair thicker, Sorry for my bad english

| >>766459
I use razor because it's the only thing I have right now. I want wax though. It seems way better.
It's okay! I honestly wouldn't have known you struggle with your English if you didn't say so. It seemed fluent to me.

| Sexy

| >>766490
That's a little inappropriate...

| >>766496
Not really, based on the pics.

| cute legs OP.

| >>766499
I'm not really, like, you know. 18. So it's a little bit weird and stuff. But, I'll take it as a compliment.

Thank you!!!

| So, uh, fuck it. Since you can see my face through a link in the last thread I showed myself in and I don't want people thinking I still look like that, here's face too:
It's with a little filter because I don't have any makeup, but, if you complain about that then, well, I don't really care.
It's not like people can do anything more with this than they could through the last thread, so, yeah.
Here you go, but, no more weird anymore okay?

| >>766620 May I ask about your gender identity?

| >>766714
Sure! I go by both male and female. Depends on the day, so, I like to keep my looks sort of androgynous.

| >>766715 Nice choice buddy! May I also ask which pronouns are the comfiest for you in those androgynous times? (She/her) (they/them) (he/his)

| >>766717
Well, I didn't really choose it. I wish it wasn't the case, but, I'm trying to make the best out of it.
She/her and he/him. People who know me just switch between using those two as they see fit. Usually based on how I'm presenting myself at the moment.

| Cringe...

| >>766721

| >>766720 Oh okay gal! I know gender identity can be a little tricky and/or hard to explain so it's okay!
I hope you're having a greay day!

| >>766739 I hope you have a great day* hehe

| >>766739
Yeah, it's a little confusing. Even for me who's been dealing with it my whole life. That's why I only really try to explain it someone asks or it's, like, necessary for some reason.
I hope you have a great day too!

| https://i.pinimg.com/600x315/94/81/c5/9481c592e3a91c5377824af39ddf59b1.jpg

| >>766620

sweet mother of mercy...

| >>766763

| >>766398 a little sixpack that shines through a healthy belly is the best in my opinion. So, start to work out and get just a little more meat onto your ribs :)

| >>766847
Mhh. I'm not really into that kinda stuff myself, and I don't really like working out that much. Sorry!
I do find it really nice to look at though, but, I don't really want to have it myself.

| >>766296 You seem like a really cool person irl.An I love your tase in fashion gurl :3

| >>766969
Aww!!! That's so sweet! You're making me blush (≧◡≦)
Thank you!!!
You seem like a cool person too! I'd love to meet you someday :3

| Hey, how did you go about finding good people to talk too? As in therapy

| I haven't money to give and I just wonder who the right person is. I don't want to be pushed toward choosing on option instead of exploring all. I want to find someone who actually knows who they're talking about.

| >>766983 >>766984
Are you talking about, like, proffesional therapy?
If that's the case then the way I did it is that I went to a doctor and told him about some of my more severe symptoms and then had him refer me to a therapist that should be equipped to handle that.
From there, whenever there was something that therapist wasn't very knowledgeable about, he booked me session with other therapists that were.

Sorry if I misunderstood your question.

| >>767017
You didn't, thanks for answering.

| >>767152
No worries, and I wish you the best with getting help!

| >>767191
Thank you. Godspeed on your journey, as well.

| >>767459
Aw. Thank you!!!

| >>767475

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