Reddit, Twitter, Amazon, Twitch are all down?

| What is going on?

| Fastly CDN is down

| good

| Twitter suck

| I assume that whatever servers rely on it are just down. The conspiratorial side of me wants to say something big was starting to get out and that was the last thing they could do to shut it down. Though it is probably just some server tech who leaned back too far and spilled a bunch of energy drinks on their keyboard or something.

| >>765327 there are theories that it is a cyber attack or that its a test to cease communications of countries to do it mid war or some shit like, honeslty they are pretty funny and probably not real but if they were, I wouldnt be surprised

| >>765433
Moronic theories spawned by moronic tech-illitirates and repeated by moronic sheep. Fastly is a budget CDN and therefor offer budget availability. Everyone who has worked with them before know how absolute shite they are.

| One of our architects wanted to be part of the cool club and found out Fastly was cheaper than Akamai. We rolled out a pilot and spent almost a year working with Fastly services to figure out why our services were performing inadequately in Asia and Latin America... like dial-up speeds. We put the service back on Akamai and everything was golden. Reliable, no-drama, cost a bit more, but the downtime cost us WAAAY more than the difference in service costs.

| Not to mention the cost of a good chunk of our staff trying to troubleshoot Fastly's many issues.

It goes without saying, everytime we reported an incident, they'd blame us and we'd spend a week sending info proving that it was actually their fault. So to them, it was always our fault, until they actually looked at it and it wasn't. Pretty unprofessional.

| I guess it's good enough if you only do business in the US or you just don't care about reliability or availability, but we do and that architect was almost fired for the Fastly fiasco.

| >>765435 Conspiracy theorists do like to tie everything with war

| Its not moronic per say, its just a really quick jump to the gun.

| >>addd4c
Sheep go baah

| >>765448 sheep really? By just saying a conspiracy theory is not real but holds some semblance of reason?

| Did I not insult those people enough for you to realise I agree with you? Or you are just so stupid that the moment Im not being as aggressive as you are, you have to assert your dominance?

Either way, stop being acting like a idiot, only conspiracy theorists and other groups that spread fearmongering call others sheep.

| >>addd4c
Sheep go baah

| Fastly is soykaf. To think this was anything other than Fastly being soykaf is laughable. Why make tests for the internet going down when the morons at Fastly will do it themselves?

| >>765452
Sheep go baah

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