I am pissed off that people have problems

| Why can it be that people are poor? That they lose loved ones? That they are depressed? Have anxiety? Psychological disorders? Don't have enough for taxes? Are lonely? Have to deal with crap all the time?
And even worse, that they then become negative themselves?
Fucking world! Leave them people alone!

| Well, that's just how the world is. And getting pissed off about it helps no one.

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| >>765139 is this a problem for you?

| >>765139
Unfortunately, you'll just have to get over it. Either on your own, or with a therapist if this really bothers you enough to warrant that. Nothing else can be done, really.

| >>59e9e8 i don't think it is
>lie down on this long sofa
If you are able to complain about it in such a fashion i have to question whether or not you are actually mad about it. After all what's mentioned is broad as to encompass all human suffering, which can't be internalised as an individual.

That'll be $200.

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>That'll be $200
Thanks bro!

| Nodoby said that life was fair.
In fact it is full of suffering.
We just have to male the better of it

| Make***

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Why can't we female the better of it.

| We wouldn't have been able to appreciate the good stuff without experiencing suffering though. The difference between two is what creates happiness in our brains.

| >>765134 I know that feel g/u/rl, I also get mad at this reality, I know for sure that if there's a god up there, they could have done a better and easier life for humans.
But welp, I accept it as it is. So while we're here, let's enjoy life as much as we can.

| I have some homework, and I am doing a couple math problems.

| Use that energy for something positive, whether it's improving yourself or helping those around you in what ways you can, big or small. The world we live in doesn't care about whether people are happy or miserable, that's why our actions have that much more meaning otherwise there's really nothing, right? Go say something nice to someone you care about, that alone helps, do your part anon! Focus on what *you* can do to make it better.

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This honestly.

I feel the same way as you OP. I just want everyone to be happy. Some of the people I know who suffer are literally the best people I know, and it really isn't fair. It sucks.
But, complaining about it only made my depression worse and made me all negative and stuff. So, instead I try not to think about it too much while doing my best to make things better for people. The world is full of negatives, so, try to be a positive for those who need it.

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Feels. I should try to be more positive but it can be so hard when you're unhappy and drowning in problems yourself.

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Mhm. I know. I am as well. I mean: family problems, mental illness, minority, ASD, OCD, friends who are at times hanging onto life by a thread and I am as well at times.

I could go on and on but that won't do anything. When people are having a tough time, do they want to be repeatedly told how shitty their life is or do they want to deal with it well and feel some happiness?
Stay strong, inspire others, help people and make them smile, because it's the best feeling ever.

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