Old internet stuff

| Pls, internet is boring now

| Play some flash games

| Look at banner with person that was popular in internet long time ago. https://m.imgur.com/4jljCyw

| Can i haz cheezborger

| I know it's still pretty active today but old Newgrounds brings me memories

| >>764688 do not mock me. With the death of flash and them subsequently making it impossible to use. I have not been able to play my old favorites. (*꒦ິ⌓꒦ີ)

| >>764863
Post Tox I've got files for you!

| Just post on twitter. Twitter is all, twitter is the Internet, twitter is the world THEREFORE I AM THE WORLD CONSOME CONSUME!!

| old net sucks

| >>765049 ıts too broken

| Fuck internet, make a intranet

| >>765049 modern corpo net sucks

| So let's make a better net. Anyone want to start a webring?

| >>764680
Pls take off your rose-tinted nostalgia glasses.

| >>765366
He's right but I guess you had to be there to understand it. Back then people used to surf the web from website to website(hence why we called it surfing) whereas nowadays you bookmark a handful of sites and only visit them.

All these personal websites people had on the early Internet has been swalled up by social media and I for one find most fb/insta/whaverer profiles to be profoundly boring.

| >>765377
I... Have been there, you know. Not from the very beginning, but enough to feel the touch of that era. I mean, sure, there was some charm in that. Normie social media we have today is too formulaic and "safe". The internet as a whole is a lot more functional nowadays though, the possibilities are truly nigh endless. And places where some of that old charm can be felt still exist - this board being part of it IMO.

| >>765400 You're spittin' facts, Are you the CEO of Based Department?

Jokes aside, I'm excited about the future of Internet

| >>765319 a-anyone? ;~;

| >>765547 Me! :D

| >>765547 It's useless idea.

| >>765605 so are games, but we still do it cause it's fun.
>>765595 totally tubular! I'll look into making one! Keep an eye on this thread, and future webring threads.

| >>765366 Every webpage is the same white (or black in Night Mode) minimalistic shit. I recognize that nostalgia is a factor but internet has turned into the same content over and over again and the people in it spam the same things over and over again.

| >>765777 in regards to the white (or black) "minimalistic shit", it's only a trend, just like making everything shiny and 3d was a couple of years ago. People oversaturate the idea because it's what people want, it's convenient and comfy; instead of learning a new design language they look for something they've already seen before, and that's not inherently bad, but if it's the only thing there's around, *then* it becomes a problem

| something something be the change you wanna see in the world

| Change the world.

My final message, Goodbye.

| >>765874
Lava thumbs up

| >>765874
I'm die, thank you foreva.

| >>765319 I'm in

| >>765319 what's a webring?

| >>766056 basically a bunch of sites that link to each other. Generally speaking, at the bottom of a page, there will be a box announcing that the page is part of a webring. The box will also have navigation buttons, to go forwards to the next site in the ring, or back to the site that came before the one you're on. It's a neat little way to make your webpage part of a community, and is a relic of one of the best parts of the old internet.

| How are you gentlemen

| >>765595 >>766000
Alright, I've got it set up. I'll make it look better later, but for now, I need
1. The name of your site
2. The URL of your site
3. The RSS feed if you have one

Once you've given me that, be sure to add this code somewhere on your site: https://pastebin.com/m7wbes2c

If anyone else wants in, do the same! This might be kinda fun!

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