| I fucking hate wholesomeness :)))))

| I agree tbh

| Venting? Like in amogus?????????? Ring ding din ding ding ding dddin, duh duh, bau nah, babupupabu b- wen. De imdortur is sisiusiusisiususuusuyyyusususuu.

I am having a stroke.

| Sus

| >>764726
I feel you g/u/rl

| >>7c3585 is so sus she vented

| Why tho

| I do like wholesome stuff In doses I find uwu wholesome crowds to be the worst kinds of people and extremely passive aggressive beneath the surface.

Edgy 4 lyfe

| Have this one chick at work that requires hugs when they start and end shift.

It'd be quirky if it weren't for the fact she started yesterday and doesn't know anyone.

Stolen valor wholesome. Earn it.

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