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My crush has a girlfriend

| i met a really cute guy from my school and started talking to him on discord. we're really similar and i developed a huge crush on him but i found out through random conversation he has a girlfriend. i pretty much have nothing else going for me so i still talk to him even though it hurts. i know it's a bit cruel but i wish i could know if he has a breakup, but unfortunately theres no real way for me to ever find that out.

| Gurl, just move on, the most you can do is eiter confess and take the L +friendzone or you distance yourself to not face rejection

| *Avril Lavigne plays on the background*

| >>760603 to be honest i dont really have much else going for me. i'd still like to be his friend and i also don't want to dump that sort of weight on him.

| If you have nothing going for you then commit seppeku.

| >>760623 did you mean sudoku?

| This a sincere suggestion, but are you and him and his girl interested in a poly relationship?

If it doesn't seem like an option, and you're genuinely okay with just being his friend, you can just stay as friends for now.

| >>760691
Poly is never an option. People in polycules deprive themselves of the depth only present in a real, one on one relationship.

| >>760733 that can be true, but it isn't always. Lots of people say that they do have just as good a relationship with at least their close partner. poly is a big category with lots of possible types of relationship

In this case I'd be wary of it since this is an established couple, unless they're already doing it, because the needs of the couple will either come first or destroy things, so imo they'd need to be the driving force in any poly relationships involving them

| >>760743 well, for that last bit, i mean really close ones since I'm assuming that's what op would want. Not saying it couldn't work but in this case it seems unlikely

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This thread is permanently archived