Most nerve wracking thing I've ever done

| I'm going to be taking an online proctored test and its score lasts for an entire year. I need it to get job so if I fuck it up I waste a year of my life :<

| Watching the timer count down till I get to take the test has me shitting diamonds

| It's like a fuxking doomsday clock counting down

| Finals has everyone fucked up. I know you can get a good score! I don't think there is much I can do to support you as an anonymous g/u/rl on the internet but I'm wishing you the best of luck! Go with what you know and make sure you're efficient with your time. You can do this g/u/rl!

| Go get them g/u/rl, I believe in you!

| So, how did the test go

| >>757178 +1, how did it go g/u/rl?

| passed them thankfully sorry for the late response, been going around following through with the next steps.

| >>757649
Yay! Let's go!!!


| >>d0aac9 congrats op but it is hard not to lament how shitty the existence is:
>work your ass hard to finally become a wagecuck just to make rich elite richer

| >>757719
Well being a NEET wont change anything.

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