If all animals could convey their feelings clearly

| No intelligence boost, we just know what they think and feel, they can do the same with us and other animals, what would the world look like in your opinion?


| It would probably be a lot better. Then we could work together and stuff despite being a different species, and we could make things better for animals and stuff. We could probably avoid a lot of unnecessary deaths too.

| >>756953 do you think carnivores would stop eating other animals now that everyone can communicate? Like, some animals cant feel empathy on the same level we do

| >>756958
I don't see how it would change if they remain as intelligent/aware of stuff as they are right now.

Lots animals already convey and read emotions easily, and that fact doesn't stop dolphins from literally raping other fish, for example.

I'd actually argue that if every animal were able to do this and have a somewhat augmented intelligence, they would become assholes like us.

| Sometimes I sit in my backyard to take a break from being a fucking neet and sitting in front of a computer/my phone all day, and the neighborhood cat sits next to me from a couple of feet away and stares at me. My family has named her butter and we give her food behind our parents back sometimes. I really like her. Sometimes when I offer her food, she sniffs it then looks back at me. I never know what to do when that happens. I usually just tell her I love her and go back to

| >>757015 doing whatever I was doing before. But I wonder what she thinks about. Sometimes she just sits and stares at things. I like to think that she has the capacity to think about whatever she is looking at, so I assume that she appreciates things. I wish I could know what she's thinking about at times. She has had a complex history around our house and has built different relationships with the other strays and housecats in my neighborhood. I do not doubt that she can

| >>757019 reason. I wonder what its like for an animal without a language. Maybe they consider everything in abstract ways that we couldn't easily understand, since a lot of our thoughts are interpreted as an inner monologue.

| My coworker told me about an animal documentary he saw on youtube. It followed a monkey who had a family and its relationships with the other monkeys in his group. They held grudges against each other and put others down for personal gain a lot like we do. I think about that a lot.

| >>d9be4e yoo im a fucking idiot and i dont think anything i said was related to the thread topic. my bad

| >>757022 ever heard of koko and mike? Gorrillas are interesing animals

| >>756958
No. I don't think so. But the methods for doing so might be different. Meat is better when the animal is healthy and happy, so maybe both us and other carnivores/omnivores would start being more considerate. Like, treat them better because we can tell what causes them to have which emotions, and in return we'd get better quality meat. Stuff like that.

| >>757051 interesting point, specially since most herbivores are very much aware of their destiny

| >>757055
Mhm. They are. So, I think it could make more creatures more happy.

Well, sure. Not every creature is nice. But, it could help with avoiding bad stuff.
For example, a lot of animals only hurt certain animals (or humans) because they feel threatened for one reason or another.
But if every creature could accurately tell what other creatures were feeling then the ones who feel threatened wouldn't feel as threatened and the other ones would be better at avoiding it.

| There's lots of good that could come from it! It wouldn't make the world perfect, because the world isn't perfect. But it would help a big bunch with making unnecessary conflict easier to avoid and making more creatures feel happy more.

| >>756906
Every morning at sunrise you'd wake to a chorus of birds screaming 'w2b gf 4 blue'

| If you can't hide your emotions, you can't hide your weaknesses.

| >>757051
I doubt carnivores would treat herbivores any better just because they can read their emotions and thoughts more easily. They'll probably use their newfound abilities to become better hunters, just like the herbivores would use their abilities to further improve their survivability. Both sides still need to eat and thrive after all.

| It would be cool if more animals wanted to co-operate with humans in exchange for food and/or safety. Imagine that when you're looking for a missing person you can ask all the nearby birds to scout and all you have to do is pay them with emotional gratitude and seeds.

In exchange the animals would probably wake up a lot of people about the dangers of climate change/enviromental destruction if these people can feel the effects first hand from the creatures that suffers the most.

| >>757149 sounds like a win to me

| >>757020 cat wants to fuck. Id accept

| >>757182
Yeah! That would be lots of goodie.

| I think it would be very disapoointing because a lot of people see more in them than they actually are

| Industrial farming would be different. We'd be able to precisely know how to treat them decently. And still eat them.

| >>e1b966 lol *screams in suicide nets*

| I imagine walking down the street you'd just hear "I'M HUNGRY" "I'M HORNY" "I'M COLD" "I GOTTA POOP" "I'M SLEEPY" "FUCK YOU FRED" And I think it'd get annoying quickly

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