| It's stupid thread.. and i'm shy to talk about myself.. but i want to ask.. is exists some way how can i know it without going to psychiatrist? I have really fear to talking them and from what they would thinking about me.. i have really difficult to trust people.. but than exists few people who i trust really a lot.. but i have fear that they can hate me.. i'm really emotionally needy... Little bit as Lain and Arisu..

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| Do you love sex?

| >>756588 i have difficult to trust people.. so no yet.. but is one person with who i would want to.. i would want it with a lot cuddles or ropes and spanks xd

| Go talk to them. It might be something treatable.

| No. There isn't really. You shouldn't self-diagnose when it comes to stuff like that. It's something that's too difficult to judge yourself since your perception of yourself isn't accurate, especially when it comes to your own psyche.
You need to stop overthinking every little thing in your life and just go there. It's literally their job to figure out shit like that. Most of the experienced ones have had to talk to rapists and treat them well, so there's no way they'd hate you.

| How are you doing op?

| >>756838 idk, i did stopped visiting psychiatrist after i did dropped pills.. i didn't being able to say anything more.. i want to visit psychotherapist.. but i'm having fear... It is over 3 years now, and corona doesn't helping with it really... Honestly i didn't know bpd, i did honestly hear about it first time from one person who i feel emotionally really close to.. and than 2 other people what are really nice friends..
Honestly i'm happy that relationship with family...

| ...little bit ok now

| If you think you should see a therapist, go see a therapist. One of the best decisions I've ever made was to see mine

| >>757134 honestly psychologists and psychiatrists did fucked up a lot things to worse

| >>757140
Then we can't help you.
You either go there, or you don't. There's not a single other thing to it. Nobody here is a therapist.

| >>757144 honestly i 'm expecting nothing here.. only i needed share my feelings..
I little wish that would someone hugs me, and say nice things..

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