Give me poses and I'll draw my characters in them!

| Give me poses and other suggestions and I'll sketch my characters in them and share them :)

| Kabedon!

| >>756537 https://ibb.co/ws5wsGH here!
I'm a little bit rusty and this is a tough perspective for me, but it was fun practice, ty!
On the left is Sam, an elf and childhood friend of Lily, the succubus on the right :D

| Lily eating a burger

| Now draw her eating a burger

| >>756580 >>756581 your wish is my command! https://ibb.co/JnMBt06
Very wonky because I'm so sleepy lol, I'm going to bed now but I will draw more requests tomorrow!!! And maybe talk character lore and backstories if y'all are into that lol
Until then, here's a couple of pages I drew earlier today that I rly like!
Here's a page of Lily doodles! https://ibb.co/ssRTNvB
And some doodles of another character of mine, stella! https://ibb.co/VqJpbWS
Hope you like it! Goodnight! <3!

| >>756568 Aww, thanks! Sam's expression makes me smile a bit, haha! Was having bad day so thanks for this! Hope to hear more backstory on these two!

| >>756585 heh

| Now draw her getting an education

| >>756598 this

| >>756590 I'm glad!!
Essentially: Lily just moved to the big city to become a model, but it's not going so good, and Sam is her childhood friend who just so happens to be living in the same city! They get into weird hijinks

| >>756598 I will draw this as soon as I get off work!

| >>756598 >>756599 ok I drew it quick before work instead lol https://ibb.co/0MkhTm2
Everyone thinks she's reading a science book but she's not... :P

| >>756659 Really Nice, she's getting more and more knowledge for her future.
Now draw her doing tax fraud

| Draw her ara ara version.

| >>756659 relatable

| Giornos Pose!


| S&M

| Draw her logging into Danger/u/

| >>756674 https://ibb.co/PQhZ429 ara ara

| >>756699 https://ibb.co/k493H5x

| >>756692 https://ibb.co/tsmBM1h enjoy S&M Stella!!!

| >>756770 Your characters appearance resembles something that of Splatoon 2-esque. Please draw your character wielding a Splatoon weapon with paint firing from it.

| >>756771 I am mainly referring to the head portion that reminds me of Splatoon 2, to add on.


| saber eating borgar


| Now draw her buying wonderbread

| >>757032 murrlogic, is that you?

| >>757027 We already get her an education! Please deliver the punchline!!!!

| Reverse cowgirl.

| Bending backwards a lot but the shins and knees are completely straight

| >>757032 https://ibb.co/2qHvD15 here you go, you freak! <3!

| >>756699 this tbh

| Big hug please

| Dab

| >>757094 seconding this. Please us /d/egenerates~

| >>756770
Oh fuck yeah.

| >>757094

| Hand holding! <3

| >>757094

| >>757538 ew go back to /d/

| >>757624 embrace the /d/ in you

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