about sexual harassment

| hi.
right now, i'm pissed.
the girl i'm dating right now have told me stories about her being sexually harassed. violently, in some cases, but not really on the level of extreme as to be classified as rape

the story she told me now is about how her aunt's boyfriend tried to manipulate her back then, and attempted to sexually assault her.

| the case has been resolved. sort of, at least. she told her mom about it, and her mom warned the guy that if he does it again, he can never set foot on their house again. the guy said sorry to the girl i'm dating. but still, i'm worried that he still have some dark intentions on my girl.

she reassures me that he's actually a nice guy, and he did it because he's drunk, but still, i cannot rest my soul if I know he is anywhere near my girl.

| Being in a long distance relationship sucks. I can't do a thing about her being harassed by the people around her, even ones that she trusts. I'm not angry at her in the least. She's not the reason why all of that happened to her. She doesn't deserve all of that shit.

That got me thinking. Have all girls experienced sexual harassment? It seems to me that every girl has experienced harrasment, even if just once.

| One day, that guy (her aunt's boyfriend) showed her a note on his phone that says
"One day, I'll sleep with you and your sister. Both."
And that's ominous as fuck. She (my girl) asked him what he meant. "Did you mean, you're going to sleep here overnight?", to which he replied "Hmm.. maybe", and I couldn't be more angry and concerned and scared when she told me about that bit.

And he only did that recently. I'm so fucking pissed right now.

| I really wanna protect her from all the bad things. Her aunt's boyfriend is a bad thing. I don't care if he's actually kind when he's sober, or if he's reliable. She cried when she told her mom about the incident of him rubbing his crotch on her thigh I was fuming, but I made sure that I didn't sound angry on our call, so as to not make her worry and think that I'm angry at her, which I'm clearly not.

| He's a fucking sick man. I want her ways away from her. Even if it seems like he's changed, I really feel he still has some perverse intentions. I wish I could do something. Long distance really sucks. My heart breaks every time she tells me stories about her bad experiences. I hope I could protect from all the bad things in the future, when we're finally together.

| This is what I call "ultimate samefagging".

| Is she retarded? Why continue even talking with him?

| It's ironic the fact you can read "tell me your best joke about sexual harassment" at the first page.
Dude, are psycho. You can't control her actions. If she continues talking with him is bc he likes to. Why she would continue talking with someone he doesn't like? Your simp level makes me rather sick
Love yourself, please. Understand women are people and not "princess with no self choice who has to be saved by white knights like you". Please, stop it.

| >>756566 now now thats a bit harsh. Idk why ppl r so disgusted by being a simp, but IF OP received those stories then this reaction is only natural. Its just wanting to protect someone u care about, altho the degree of cringiness is debatable. There r rsns why she might continue to talk to aunt bf. We dont kno there ages so maybe its a kid that doesnt want their family to shatter, so they r tolerating it.

| The biggest flag imo is long distance. Imagine if these stories were all fake and shes laughing behind her computer screnn lol.

| Why in the actual hell are all of you blaming the girl? From afar it's obvious that the guy is disgusting and she should have stayed away, but when you're a girl in the middle of it all, it might not be that easy. Maybe she's suppressing the memories of all the shit things he did. Maybe she's scared that if he really shut the guy off, he'll be even worse.

And op, it's good that she's open to you about this. She probably needs the emotional support to get past all that

| Theres only 4 of us b4 u and i only see one blaming the girl, barring whatever samefagging is xd >>756576

| Shes stupid and so are you.
Long distance relationships always ends in trouble

| does she enjoy it?

| I mean what it is about all the long distance relationship here, you all are falling in love on discord in this day and age ?

Everyone here's insinuating that there's not point staying with a girl with problems. Experimented people say that's the way to follow even if it's hard, but personaly I will never be strong enough to dump a girl even if I'm resigned to do it.

But surely it's not her fault here, the bad dude is part of her family.

| About this "all girls experiencing sexual harassment" thing..
Don't know if it really counts, but I assaulted back when I was 6 or 7 by some of my parents' friend. Couldn't even realise what was really going on at the time when this piece of shit started squishing my barely developed breasts, but just thinking about this shit now makes me sick.

| So much victim shaming in this thread. Some people really are disgusting, huh?

I know how it feels to want to help someone long distance. It's really hard, but, all you can do is comfort, support, be there as much as you can and give advice. Not be controlling or tell her how to live her life, just suggest different ways it could potentially be handled.
That man sounds like a horrible person and a threat. Get rid of him if you get the chance.

| >>756573 Is the most probably, lol
>>756576 that means she's a victim only "bc is a girl", huh? then guys=disgusting girl=victim? how can you judge someone who you doesn't know? that's pretty sexist
>>756668 he has a point
>>756702 bruh. If you have a problem, solve it. Or ask for help to the proper authorities. why you need to post it on internet? Even he doesn't really know her. Just another dude who acts like a white knight for a girl who doesn't know. Grow up.

| >>9ba286 that fucker told her that he wants to sleep with her and her sister

It is OBVIOUS that something is really wrong, and if her or her family didnt do shit about this is just because they dont give a flying fuck, or probably she like this type of attention

| OP how you feel about the fact that while you beat your meat thinkin about this girl, shes probably letting her uncle hump in that nice ass?

| This thread, and most of you g/u/rls, are disgusting. Jesus fucking christ

| >>756823 go back to Twit*er then, lol

| >>756823
Yeah, the emotional maturity in this thread is severely underdeveloped. There are some topics which can't be discussed here anymore because it upsets the bile-spewing incels.

| Why are you long-distance?

| >anywhere near my girl

She aint your girl lol, she is probably enjoying all the attention she is getting while still sleeping with him

A ldr never works, dont listen to those who calls honest feedback incel "bile spewing"

| >>541fba

Dude, the guy literally said he wants to fuck her and her sister
What are they waiting for to do something about this? She cant be so naive like that wtf

| Can someone explain to me why this guy wasnt killed or beat up until he gets crippled already?

| OP you got 2 choices

Break up with her


Get there, beat his ass and get your girl.


| stay positive OP ????

| >>756834
True. Some people can't handle the fact that the world is more complex than their basement fantasies. It sucks, because people like that genuinely hurt others with the way they act.

Grow up huh? The irony.

To anyone here who doesn't know psychology and doesn't know/isn't a victim of sexual abuse, please educate yourselves. I know you think that every female is a sex object but most of you are adults. You should know the difference between real people and doujin.

| I know the people saying all that stuff are doing it for attention, but there's a right and a wrong way to be an attention whore. There's nothing wrong with wanting attention, but actively making the world a worse place and intentionally spreading misinformation is not the way to do it. You're just pulling yourself down to the same level as that uncle.

If you can't handle the real world being different than your fantasy hentai, then you shouldn't be in the real world. Sorry.

| >>9ba286 Grow up

| >>9ba286 that a /new/ level take.

OP should really tell that girl to seek profession help and then cut contacts, if she is in trouble she needs something to push her into getting help, and this is comming from someone who suffered lots of bullying and abuse from "friends", sometimes you need to be at your lowest to see where your highest is, starting the climb is the hardest part.

| >>756834 so, being simp= being mature? wow
>>756903 I suscribe. But I prefer to doubt, u know? thinking she's sleeping with him is bad as thinking she's a victim. I prefer to be neutral. No simp, not an incel. Just neutral. But reading OP's crybaby bible, is probably she's playing with him.
>>756908 I think he is up to 15 years, no mistake. No one who has more than 18 years can still thinking like that

| >>756947 world is not complex. You're crybabies, that's a lot of difference. Just grow up, don't wait for a Netflix's teenage drama and solve your fucking problems.
You're not special, women are persons, not princesses who needs to be saved and everybody aren't not bad or good, just persons. Stop romanticizing people just by their sex or genre. Nobody is a liar or a victim by nature. GROW UP.

| op should break up with her, smoke a joint and get some pussy 4real

| im wise as fuck Jesus

| >>756834 What did you expect from a textboard based off a game with anime-tier dialogue and a robot loli prostitute? The quality of discussion you're looking for was never there to begin with

| >>756974 just remember you're a part of this too. You and your boyfriend Sounds like the typical "I'm special and you're idiots" teenage idiots.

| >>756974 hahaha, really? You can't be serious about what happens in Internet. People who take everything seriously, is because he's not taking serious anything. It's internet, this is a imageboard. Not de real world. G r o w u p.
The worst part is she never asked her help. OP just started crying "hur hur she's my girl but I don't know her", "she's suffering but I not even know if "that uncle" exists.
I would laugh a lot if "she" is another guy pretending to be a girl

| >>756974 Imagine being so butthurt that you shittalk VA-11 Hall-A just because of a single thread. Unfortunately there would be loaded pedos in the future for loli prostitues to exist so Doroth's existence is not that absurd.

| >>756968
You say that's a /new/ level take, but I literally agree with you. I didn't say that OP shouldn't do shit. I literally said OP should support her and give he help and advice on how to handle the situation properly. Me telling off the people who say it's a choice to be abused doesn't change that.

For real though. People in this thread are acting like it's a shock-value mindbreak hentai. That's not how the actual human psyche functions.
Do you disagree with that?

| >>757014 the way you say it is really the reason why its so wrong, zero care about the issue and assumption that everyone is dumber than you and cante differentiate between reality and fiction, which was factor that was never truly brought up.

We might agree on some things but your condiscending and arrogant way to pass your point really hinders its value.

| >>757025
That's completely understandable. I shouldn't have sent those replies. I should have left it on the advice I sent at first and then avoided the thread.
Topics like these piss me the fuck off because some of my closest people in life are victims of sexual abuse, so seeing people blaming and being condescending towards the victim makes my blood boil and I end up throwing out insults instead of explaining, well, anything at all.
That's on me.

| >>757048 it's okay. Tbh Idk no one who doesn't passed by that.
When I had my first online gf, she used to tell me stuff like "I'm cutting my arms", "I wanna die". Even she posted on her twitter some photos of "her arms" with a lot of cuts and blood. She was a type of "ana & mia" influencer.
So, everyday i read that shit and I suffered a lot. I felt powerless. So I just start saving to visit her.

| >>757053 I did things like avoid some meals or sold some videogames I didn't play. At that time, I had 14 years old and she had 18. And yeah, I traveled by my own only to see her. Feeling powerless when someone who you "love" is suffering it's horrible. I know that feeling. So yeah, I arrived to the city. The first day, she didn't asisted to the date. I passed all my day in my uncle house crying.

| >>757054 I called her desesperately, claiming her about that. So she said "i'm sorry, I will meet with you tomorrow".
I arrived to the place with a love letter, and some gifts. You know, the simp stuff. And when I saw her, I discovered that she was lying all the time. She didn't have any scar, or signal of self harming. When I confronted her, she just say

| >>757056 "sorry but If i'm famous is because people like to see me posting this things, I don't cute myself or anything, but if I don't post I do that, people would stop following me. Hope you can understand".
The worst part was after I discovered she was a happy person irl. Even she had a boyfriend and many friends. I was only a simp, a lap dog used to feed her ego. She only said "sorry but I like how do you make me well and I don't wanted to hurt you".

| >>757057 And worst at all, that wasn't the first time it passed to me. But it's okay. I would grew up think that shitty stuff of "all women are liars, cheaters" but no. I just grew up and understood that you can't put people in a fucking pedestal. Just grow up. Try with real relationships. The truth is online dating is fake. You will never really know nobody just chatting. You need to stay by her side and realize the good and the bad thing by your own. Internet is not real.

| >>283926
It's like that sometimes. I understand where you're coming from. I've had terrible experiences with people who are liars online and that it turned out I never really knew.
I've also had experiences that are the complete opposite where both of us are honest and transparent about everything. No lies, no bullshit.

That's why I don't automatically assume that everyone's a liar. I don't trust everyone, but I still treat them as if they're being honest because some of them are.

| That's also why I consider the internet to be real. Because I've met just as many liars irl and online. Liars are liars. Real ones are real ones. No matter if it's online or not.

I've also gotten really good at noticing when people are lying. Spend enough time with them and it becomes fairly easy to see when someone is transparent and when they're not. Especially when you treat them as if they're being honest when they lie, even if you don't believe them for a second.

| So, why assume the worst and treat someone we don't know as a liar? Why try to live OP's life for her? Why not just say things that could potentially help someone in need and move on instead of projecting the people who traumatized us onto someone we don't know a single thing about? It just seems unreasonable to me. Especially when it could be a real person who genuinely needs it.

I'm not saying that you do these things bye, just using this response as an opportunity to say it.

| *btw

| >>9ba286 You can't assume a "I prefer to be fooled than ignore someone who possibly needs my help".
First, because by Internet YOU CAN'T HELP. People who suffers by that kind of suffering needs to be treated by PROFESSIONALS and took care by people who knows her IRL. You can't do any shit by discord or any app.
Second, WE ARE NOT HEROES. Stop thinking women are princess who needs to be saved. Or what? You think women are incapable to be saved by their own and always need a man?

| >>283926 "you can assume a "x" position*

| >>757072
You can help push them in the right direction, give advice, support them through it, and a bunch of stuff like that. I'm not saying that they shouldn't be helped by professionals, because that's very important. I'm just saying that doing something is better than doing nothing.

When did I say it was a gender thing? That's how I treat everyone. Gender doesn't matter when it comes to helping people. I'm also not a man.

You assume a lot for someone who says to not assume.

| >>757083 I assumed that because OP is a man -probably a kiddo- and the supposedly victim it's a woman.
The problem is we don't have any instruction to give advice. Many people doesn't wanna go to a psychologist because they think "with my buddies advice I can do it".
The problem is when "friend's advice" is bullshit like "the redpill is men/women are trash". "if you see someone with emotional problems, prob it's a psycho". Stuff like that.

| >>757084 As result, people instead of try to resolve their problem and grow up, they normalize it.
She can think "oh, my uncle is a ugly person, that's his nature" or "he's a man, he tends to molest women". But that doesn't help. Quite the opposite. She will envelop resentment instead of maturity.
And worst at all, she will not resolve their problem. She needs real help -in case it's real-. We are not leaders or something like that.

| >>757084 >>757085
Again, you keep arguing over something literally nobody except for you has said.
She needs. Proffesional. Help.
I said that, didn't I? And if you're not absolutely retarded then you supporting them will push them to seek professional help.
I've met multiple people in my life who didn't want to get proffesional help but I convinced them to try, and it worked.
So, why do you keep saying that talking to someone is going to make everything worse?

| >>757143 Then you accept I'm right about you can't help people by Internet and just encourage them to go for psychological help?

| >>757230
That's what I said, yes. What you said is that it's impossible to help people through the internet. There's a difference, but, sure.

| Get your shit together, midia-kun!!

| >>757275 like that for free? Are you stupid

| Like, damn you must be bored, I was just chilling as >>c817d8

| Let me guess, another thread about girl dating obvious asshole because of monke feelings and getting obvious results.

| hes prolly banging her while u guys discuss here

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