Whatever is happening in Sukeban Games???

| Fernando Damas (Ironiclark) is no longer on the team list regarding Sukeban's web page: https://sukeban.moe/index.php/company/.

Currently all the devlogs are being made by Kiririn51.

What the fuck happened?

| yes, Sukeban Games has almost everyday devlogs, which continue since 2020. That was quite a surprise, lol. But anyway, WHAT THE FUCK???

| Hmm... All his social accounts still link to Sukeban's site...

| >>756385
you can still find his twitter tho

| doesn't anybody care what's happening with Sukeban gaems???

| >>756452 go and ask them if you're so brave

| Probably a falling out because ironiclark posts non stop ludes and has what one might consider problematic takes.

The head guy kirin is a progressive and is working on a bunch of stuff without him. Not to mention kirin is also writing their own stuff.

Seemed inevitable.

| >>756486 egh, he's one of the two founders AND a story writer for Va-11 and N1rv Ann-A...
BTW he made a post in december, nothing seemed like he was about to quit.
That's a shame, anyway

| >>756369 "did you tried say sukuban?" - Google

| >>756494 "did you tried say sokoban?" - Google


| I've done some digging around and sent a DM to Kiririn on discord to see if he's willing to share. As far as I can tell from social media, there doesn't seem to have been any internal drama. I'll report back when I can.


| For the record, IronicLark still lists themselves as a writer for VA-11, Hall-a. But there's no mention of Sukeban Games, nor does Kiririn mention anything happening on his own twitter.

| If it means anything both Kiririn and Brian (the guy at Ysbryd Games, who published Va11halla and will publish N1RV if that ever happens) still follow him, perhaps it's just the loods and him wanting to take some time for mental health for what he stated on the N1RV status of December...

| >>756579 yeah, seems like he's taken a brake

| >>756569 thanks, Stormy.
By the way, which discord server was that? I know only about the one Prefetcher made, is there any other Va-11, maybe "official" server?

| [Watch thread]

| >>756583 Sukeban Games has a server. Stormy probably just has kiririn's Discord cause he's his supportive dommy mommy gf.


| >>756583

There's three VA-11, Hall-a servers to my knowledge-

Danger/u/, which is based on this community,

Valhallabar, which was the main Valhalla server but is a shitposty place that's separate from this community,

And also Sukeban's discord for Sukeban itself. Valhallabar didn't have any answers and told me to check Sukeban instead, and a g/u/rl in danger/u/ who was inside invited me over.

I DM'd Kiririn yesterday but i'm still waiting for a response.

| >>756666
H m

| >>756666 thank you

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| Why all the assumptions? Anything could have happened, including new opportunities and winning the lottery.

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| It's okay, just embrace the fact that we will no longer get esoteric diatribes about cat girl tumours.

| But I like EDACGT T^T

| >>757445 what is EDACGT

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| >>758043 what?

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| >>758044 Bomp.


| Blink-182

| Stomp the bump. If it's not something they are going to publicly disclose in an article its probably very personal or you'll find out about it two years from now in a pity post.

Either way i don't think they'll be looking for day jobs so sit tight, games will be made.

Unless ironiclark becomes a professional figma photographer.


| >>756731

No problem... sadly, I haven't received a response yet.

| Do you think kiririn would let me have sex with him?

| I myself won't worry to much about that. Not the first weird edit they do to their pages. Looking at you, Tony T!

| Damn I hope this is only a break and that nothing serious have happened at Sukeban

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