answer a question, ask another one #4

| HOW????



| Skyrim, Oblivion, or Morrowind?

| Skylivind.

Do you want to shoot bolts of lightning from your arms?

| Sure why not. Also Morrowind. Currently writing some small scripts for OpenMW that makes combat and the AI a little bit more interesting.

Favorite RPG questline?

| Don't play any RPGs really...

>>756351 OP... did you just answer your own question?

| Yes. Not proud of it.

What if your favorite not-Earth planet?

| Jupiter. It's just so beautiful, looking like an oil painting and all. It being the protector of earth also helps with its likeability.

Favorite movie set in space?

| at the risk of sounding too pretentious, 2001 Space Odyssey. I just like how they handled color.

going the other way, whats your favorite sub-terranian movie? could also be on other planets

| Perhaps Sakasama no Patema.

What is love?

| Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more..

What was your dream job as a child?

| Paleontology

What hobby have you always wanted to develop?

| Music production, yo make mashups and shitty vaporwave

What's your favourite word in the English language, and why?

| Sex. No explanation needed.

What is the colour of your soul?

| >>756918 lime green

What does that mean?

| some people believe it means something. like astrology.

how long until we're being marketed RGB beveled monitors?

| I hope fucking never, but honestly I think not until 3 to 5 years

Do you like big boobs?

| Yes. Who doesn't?

Do you like small boobs?

| >>757152 sure they can be just as fun

The best fighting game of all time is?

Serious answer tho: There's no way to answer that, everyone of the ones that could be considered excels at something the other may not even have considered in their design, so there's no absolute one, but if I had to choose from the ones I've played... GGXXAC+R

| mfw no question. i like stir fry.

any pets?

| Ive had many, but none right now.

whats the best pet?

| The one that loves you back.

Who are you? Like, in general.

| Generally a human sometimes an anonymous g/u/rl

Where's Waldo?

| In the hot pocket i'm about to eat.

What do you eat for breakfast?

| Usually a bowl of cereal with milk, rarely some croissant i get form a bakery.

How mnay hours of sleep do you get on average?

| 6 to 8 usually. But sometimes my brain is like "4 a.m. sounds like a good time to wake up. If you want more slee then come back tomorrow." Quite ironically, those days where I wake up early with only a couple hours of sleep are also those where I feel the least tired throzghout the day.

Can you remember a dream thar is so crazy, cringe or whatever that you would not even post it here on dangeru?

| You realize that either the dream is a correct fit and I don't post it or I satisfy your curiosity which automatically makes it an incorrect choice?
Whatever, I once had a cursed dream about scat fetish. I was in some sort of scat hell in a mad architecture where some crazy people just shat themselves or on others and played with it. The dream theme was a cursed result of shit and sexual arousal.

| Oh and just a little bonus: the cause was probably me trying to finger my ass I basically shat into my hands. And when I went to the store to get disinfectant the fucking radio played "I'm the scatman" lol. o_o Enjoy eating after this!
But yeah I'm usually a fanatically clean person so it messed me up that I did something like this.

And if you're feeling terrible having read all that, just remember: you asked me!


| What is the most beautiful, meaningful, relieving this that ever happened to you? Balance it out, make it beautiful, pure, lovely, yadda yadda.

| The look in the eyes of my buddies when they have their kids. there is something really powerful there.

what do you do for a living? or; what do you plan on doing? or; how long have you been a neet?

| I want to either become a bartender or a barista, but I’m more inclined to be a barista since it’s safer.

What’s your fondest childhood memory?

| >I want to become a bartender
yeah that fits.
i think my favorite memory is going to the monster truck shows when i was like 5 or 6. or maybe when my brother shot me in the throat with a foam disk shooter. its funny now.

got any whisk(e)y recommendations? never tried a rye

| Jack Danielson

What do you want right now?

| I want my throat to stop being so sore. Flu fucking sucks

What's the biggest mistake of your life?

| joining the military.

what's your system uptime at?

| >>757377 that was meant as a yes/no question, but thanks for sharing your story anyways.

>what's your system uptime at?
the device I'm curently typing on should have an uptime of a couple weeks, but I don't know how to look it up on Android.

What is (or used to be) your favourite desktop environment, regardles of the OS?

| Windows 10. KDE and xfce were cool but now I enjoy things that simply work.

Are you alive?

| Only as @ copied neuropattern in this network.

How to help with sadness?

| find your purpose.

whats the wildest thing youve seen on the road?

| >>757644
It was a fucking train.
An old-timer steam train frontpiece, facing us but moving away from us on the highway. Barely visible in the distance. It was going at least twice as fast as the normal speed and no matter how much we sped up we just couldn't keep up with it.

Wat is the gayest dream you've ever had?

| About fucking a guy I guess.

Do you like people?

| I don't think people are bad. I just don't like being around them.

If you could have one power/ability/item from a video game, what would you want?

| I want to have a cute companion, like Elizabeth from bioshock infinite.

Did you serve the military? i served (*^ω^)

| Everyone in my country has at least an obligation to answer a form and complete basic training if they make the cut, I didn't, so no.

What would you put on your pizza?

| Pineapple

What would you not put on your pizza?

| Anchovies

Does your back hurt?

| Yeah, I got my second COVID vaccine shot the other day and it's been giving me weird cramps. Mostly in my back and head.

Do you mind when people ask questions that have already been asked earlier in these threads?

| Nah, sometimes you get better answers the second time.

What's for breakfast?

| Nothing.

Can you do whatever you are planning on doing?

| >>757836
>didn't make the cut
>starts talking about pizza

| >>757966
fucking damnit i spoilered all that!!!

| >>757961
I wouldn't be making plans for stuff I know I can't do.

Who's your favourite person?

| You! You are my fave, go g/u/rl

What's your favorite musical?

| Reefer Madness the Musical! It's genuinely great and funny, and the songs are catchy.

What's your favorite physical attribute about yourself?

| My legs. I have trained ladylike pretty legs.

What is your favorite eye color?

| Blau!

What was your first true love like? If any, otherwise just a wholesome relationship

| I'm a g/u/rl, we're not supposed to have one

What is your end goal in life?

| To die and come back as a leotard. *sound of snapping leotard*

How'd you get your job?

| lots of patience and 3 interviews.

What was it called when it was Chucks?

| Chuck's Feed & Seed

Your favorite Simpsons episode? If you don't have one feel free to post your favorite episode from any cartoon/anime.

| I'm personally very fond of the one where Homer gets super fucking fat so he can work at home, too many good quotes and moments in the episode.

Whose the most important person in your life? Aside from yourself, obviously

| i don't like most people so it's hard to say if i even have a favourite or preference over others

favorite weather or season?

>>757966 cha cha real smooth

| autumn. a little chilly. very beautiful.

It took 100 years for a semblance of understanding about cars to enter the collective human mind. how long do you think it will take computers?

| >>758556
Possibly forever as computer technology is going to keep changing moreso than vehicles.

Will a machine ever be able to feel genuine emotion?

| Yes. Human brain is just a machine after all.

Hey hey people who is there?

| The Kool-Aid man, I can hear him running straight to that wall

Do you do any drugs?

| I drop psychedelics about once or twice a month depending on dosage. If I take it more often than that the "magic" isn't there.

I used to smoke a lot of weed but I haven't had any since december, and during the years leading up to this one I found myself smoking less and less. I think I've gotten everything I need out of pot so I don't really feel like smoking anymore. When forest parties becomes a thing again I'll definetly go back and dance to some MDMA though.

| What do you like to do when you spend time in nature?

| I prefer not to spend my time there at all. Fucking insects everywhere is a good enough reason for me not to

If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be?

| I kinda want some ice-cream right now, so probably that.

What is your favourite album?

| tough one. right now its In Rainbows by radiohead. last week it was The Voyage by Haywyre. it rotates often.

will infrastructure collapse? will it be with voltage spikes?

| >>758800 this one fell flat even though i had the double dubs, so ill ask another.

why do post numbers matter in the first place?

| because it makes posts *special!* I still think red IDs are cooler though. I guess there's also probably some practical reasons with how it's programmed.

Do you make threads here, or just comment?

| >>759051 I do Russian treads most of the times.

Do you like to read Russian treads?

| its decent practice for my own russian, though it was a little jarring at first

do you think NIRV is actually going to ever come out?

| It is possible, so I will believe untill the very end.

Can you touch your nose with your tongue?

| Nah, My sis can tho, I just got the bad tongue genes

Do you like lemonade?

| like... lemon grenades? sure.

what is your favourite fish

| Tuna is the best fish by far. No other fish even comes close.

What is the most horrible piece of shit dumb stupid idiot dumb fish ever?

| Magikarp

When did you first start using the internet?

| around 2004 times.

what was your first internet experience? eBaums, Something Awful, etc.

| The Altavista and Eureka search engines. As far as I knew Altavista was the Internet. It's funny that less than a year later I was learning visual basic.

Do you prefer the mustache on or off?

| Off.

Can I do it?

| >Off.
Too bad!

And yes, you can do it. I believe in you g/u/rl!

Do you mind when people ask questions that have already been asked earlier in these threads?

| I would not mine what other people think or do in repetition. The only repetition that would affect me the most would be sexual stimulation.

What colour towel do you commonly use after a dripping wet routinely hygiene maintenance?

| boring white.

if you have diarrhea and vomiting at the same time, what do you do first? when do you flush?

| Why picking? You do both at the same time. Just sit on a toilet and get a bucket or some kind of a washbowl in front of you, that's all. Nasty stuff, but a man gotta do what a man gotta do..

What's worse, diarrhea or constipation?

| diarrhea because i play with my ass a lot

why does spicy food make you get diarrhea?

| it doesn't, makes me constipated instead.

favorite coffee origin?

| Coffee beans.

Can you say "I love sex" three times over?

| yes.

what do you think about vaping now that the newness has died down?

| I think that vaping is smoking but worse because they're an addiction marketed at kids... Kids were allowed to buy vapes in stores for a few years until someone noticed the ridiculous nicotine content. Several of my highschool friends died from vapes that didn't list their nicotine content and nothing was done. Also, the foaming lungs thing might have been Covid combined with vape juice
How many of your family members believe in conspiracy theories (birds aren't real doesn't count)

| No question lmao

Do you prefer Rockband or Guitar Hero?

| >>759631 ur dumb I had a question, you just didn't read it. Also I hit the character limit so there wasn't space for the final punctuation mark.

Osu! Is better than RB or GH

How many of your family members believe in conspiracy theories? (`birds aren't real` doesn't count because it's been proven)

| 0%

Are you a cat?

| last time I checked I'm pretty sure I'm not a cat

what about you?

| im a frog actually.

how long are you willing to wait on hold before you just call another day?

| maybe 20 minutes, it depends on what i'm calling for.

how did you meet your closest friend?

| oh that was a long time ago, i don't have any close friends nowadays tbh

so how was your day?

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