☢️☢️Do not enter☢️☢️

| What did you do? Now you are irradiated...

| Radiation making me h*rny

| Nice, maybe I'll grow an extra penis

| Oh no my horniness levels has morphed into a supernatural level. A secret society is trying to capture me to extract my DNA to use it into a marketing product for their devious needs. Us radiated must join forces and form the superhero-superhorny alliance and protect the anamolies of horniness from getting out to public.

| Still not as bad /new/

| C-can... Radiation... Little~ dominate me? I would being happy to being tied up by Radiation-Chan "^^

| Than we can cuddles... And than maybe... Unprotected Hand-Holding"^^

| People have waifu'd the burning heart of Chernobyl, a little radiation warning isn't going to stop them.

Also, look up nuclear semiotics/"this is not a place of honor", it's a really interesting read!

| ♪I'm Radioactive Radioactive!♪

| Ah shit

| Kraftwerk intensifies

| >>756511
I did not expect a Kraftwerk fan in here out of all places.

| >>756525 what kind of degenerate doesn't like kraftwerk?!

| >>756617
80s punks???

| Radioactivity
Is in the air for you and me


| Radiation is not funny

| When i was a baby i was born with a nutritional problem. So the doctors used an X-ray to diagnose me. Ever since then my balls have been irradiated. It pulsates green whenever i pull down my pants

| Age of smoothskins is over.
Embrace G H O U L

| >>757116 radiation is going brrrr

| Atom, Atom
Wir knien vor dir nieder
Atom, Atom
Wir singen deine lieder

| Patrolling the Mojave almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter..

| Get out of here Stalker

| Hi

| >>757566

| >>757447
Currently patroling Junktown and Metropolis

| >>757604 where you are needed is Plato's cavern

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