What is the nicest thing someone ever told you?

| eh.... eh.... psssst! psssst ! come over here.... i... i dunno if i can share this secret.... but this threads subject is on the title! >~<
anyway whatever you answer i wish you a great day and stay healthy!

danger u users : wait, there was a lockdown?

| >eh.... eh.... psssst! psssst ! come over here....

*keeps walking faster*

| >>755550 KOCCHI WO MIRO

| When someone remembered something I drew a month ago saying they really liked that one.
It just made me really happy knowing someone actually remembers my art

| "I hope you know that I really do love you a lot. You don't seem to realise it but you really do mean the world to me and make me feel so much better, and I appreciate you so, so much."

There's more to it, but it's a bit personal and I think I got the vibe of it across. It was so out of nowhere after a really rough period for both of us and, well, that whole thing had me at the brink of tears.

"No one is dying, silly. We're staying alive together."

That one touched my heart too.

| "Nice hair" dont get any complements so when I get any it hits

| "hey, your eyes are nice!"
I got really happy to hear that, cuz I always got some insults and trollings about my lazy eye.
I have this eye for whole my life, and, thanks to that guy, I will keep it.

| >>755573 Can relate to this one a lot, just, having friends you can share your art with, and some of them whou you really admire how they draw telling you you did a great job, that they like the drawing, pose clothes or design that you have improved so much, that they are impressed because you do something so well, just getting flattery in your work is always something that warms my heart so much, and makes the years trying feel worth it and an urge to keep improving...

| And to be more concise with your question OP "Hey, I made some fanart of your OC" are the words that make me go fucking crazy, start jumping and smiling like the fucking idiot I am, because I love my OC, and the fact people like her so much as to make drawings of her makes me feel so validated and like I created something of worth.

Also, being told I'm discharged from the psychiatric hospital bc my depression and anxiety treatment was complete, words that brought tears to my eyes.

| my Heart is so burning listening to all of the your nice facts! lovely!

| "You have a very kind look in your eyes when you smile."
For some reason these words have stuck with me for what is now a long, long time.

| I love you.

| I love sex

| "You smart." Don't know why she said this to me...

| "Yeah I know you're not lying, and we see you come in regularly"
When my card was declined at the store and I was concerned about being suspected of fraud.

| I had an interview today and tried to wear something a little out of my comfort zone and got a bunch of compliments from people so that felt super great, idk about the nicest thing someone has said about me but today was great at least!

| >>755552 SHINJI!!

| >>755957
Today someone pointed out that when I smile my smile reaches all the way up to my eyes. Made me feel pretty good tbh

| >>756008 Awww!! I'm glad! <3

| I am a lesbian japanese girl that wants to have bloody sex with a yandere and then die

| smart

| I remember one poetry what made for me one person what i really like.. it was so poethic and it made me feel that the person likes me and i'm of them xd it's sounds strange.. but it was really nice from her..

| "You used to be cool."

| A girl who hated my guts in chef school complimented for handling an angry customer well. It really stuck with me to get such a genuine compliment, since I knew they'd never say it just to please me.

| "You are the biggest mistake of my entire life"

Mu mother.

| Hmm.
"You're a pacifist."
Hearing that feels.. different and refreshing in a way. And it made me so happy. I wish we got more comments that aren't so superficial.

| >>756638
As sort of a reverse on what you said, I wish people would stop thinking that my compliments are superficial. I'm a very honest person so when I like people or something someone's doing I usually compliment it, but so many people aren't used to compliments and think I'm being dishonest or superficial. It's annoying.

| >>756641
gosh unfortunate, compliments are beautiful, but peoples are quite lying nowadays so... i just wish you'll encounter someone who truly take your compliment on their hearts

| What is the incest thing someone ever told you?

| I've been struggling with my gender identity for awhile now, a couple of days ago I was mistaken as a girl and that honestly made me feel warm inside. I feel like all my effort is finally being noticed, I feel happy and proud of it.

| >>756792
You say it like people lying is a new thing. It's not. It's always been a thing, but, people should learn how to distinguish between lies and non-lies instead of calling everyone a liar. Because most people really aren't.

That's so lovely! I've experienced same thing recently! I'm in a very similar situation to you and it feels amazing. Someone called me "Mrs" yesterday at it melted my heart.

| Im going through a bad spot rn and need to store a lot of my things and wont have my own space for a while, my boyfriend said "you can keep whatever you want at my place, i want you to feel at home when youre here" i fucking cried. That means more to me than any compliment or encouragement ive ever gotten.

| Honest question: How can i be nice to a guy without him thinking i'm interested? Are there nice things to say?

| >>757640 Just say that he is a really good friend.

| >>757640
If he can't take compliments without thinking you're romantically interested in him then he's not worth your time imo. Guys like that are annoying to deal with. They can't think with anything except their dick.

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