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Going in to job interview

| I hope this goes well. I kinda really need a job right about now.

| Good luck g/u/rl. We're all rooting for you!

| Huh. Well, that was easy. It was barely even an interview. She just sat me down in her living room, had her husband serve me some coffee and then just talked about a mix of what we're gonna be selling and just, random shit.
She talked as if I already had the job when I walked in and kind just said "Does that sound good?" followed by "See you soon. We're starting next week."

I'm really lucky.

| Damn g/u/rl, congrats!

| What are you going to be selling?

| >>755005
Different types of ice cream, milkshakes, waffles, some hotdogs, coffee, that kinda stuff.
We don't really have any kiosk type place like that in my town so some older lady said "fuck it, I'm making it" and now I'm apparently part of it.

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This thread is permanently archived