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is there anything here

| I might just go somewhere. Like pack some clothes and go somewhere faraway and never come back. I just can't accept that life is this dull. There has to be something out there. some sort of adventure. something exciting. worth looking forward to. something worth living for. There's no way that all there is to life is wageslaving. There has to be fucking something.

| Have you considered backpacking?

| Take a summer off to do something crazy like that, perhaps.

| Baking cookies inside of a volcano/on top of lava is always fun for me.

| Like what am i doing here? Just rotting? Im afraid to go, terrified really, i love my freinds here, but i dont think any of them will stay.
My bf doesn't want to stay either, im terrified of leaving. I couldnt ask him to stay, not in this place.

I feel like there is something big missing, a passion a love, not from my relationships but from my self, i want to chase it! Sprint after it in a dreamy haze but am brought back to reality shortly after i check my bank account.

| Modern life is rubbish

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This thread is permanently archived