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Finally, FINALLY, found a new job!

| I'm that user who was neeting. You know, the one that the LGBT "people" wanted to commit suicide, lol.

I told you guys I would find a new job as a teacher. That's it, I found one. Bye.

| Also, to any other /dude/ facing harassment and attacks from progressivists. There will come a day to unironically spill their blood. Give it time. Now bye.

| >ima victum

| Why do I get the feeling that you're the racist who got pwned in /new/? Did you create this thread and lie about your job just to make you feel better?

| 3hardcore5me

| There are no /dude/s on danger/u/, only g/u/rls

| >>754850 this.

| >>754850 d/u/de is /u/nisex, my d/u/de

| >>754736 congrats

| >>754736 good work, op!

| Support for OP

| >>754897 does anyone else remember when d/u/dette was a word? Man that was rad...

| >>754897 I guess dude is gender neutral, but in the context op used they made it sound like guys use this board

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This thread is permanently archived